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We’re stardust. We’re made from the same atoms that took part in the creation of this Universe, of our own Solar system. Every once in a while, these atoms go well together. When this happens, we say we feel good with each other. And, sometimes, the atoms have this longing, this need to get and stay together. When they do, we tend to translate this as “falling in love”. What follows is a collection of short indications about how your “atoms” may play out with other types of “atoms”.



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Saturn and Uranus – The Teacher and The Rebel

Most of the time, people will experience this influence as a transit. And when it's felt as a transit, it's…

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Venus Mars Synastry

A while ago I wrote about Venus and Pluto in synastry. Mind you, this proved to me the most popular…

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Neptune And The Need For “The Other”

Wherever Neptune is in your chart, you will experience "fogginess". A lack of clarity, maybe some lack of focus. Depending…

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Venus And Saturn In Natal Chart

These two planets are perhaps the most important modifiers in someone's personal life. When combined, interesting effects can be witnessed.…

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Saturn In Synastry

More often than not, Saturn in synastry is perceiving as "bad". Sometimes for good reasons: Saturn means delay, self-consciousness, awkwardness…

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Venus – Pluto In Synastry

Whenever any of these two planets are touching each other in a synastry (a combined chart of two people) something…

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