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Twelfth House

Mode: Mutable
Ruling planet: Neptune
Ruling sign: Pisces
Governs: karma


The Twelfth House is the house of karma, isolation and the unseen. It deals with all that is hidden, repressed, unconscious. In traditional astrology it also had a bad name signifying the isolating places like hospitals and prisons.

If the Sixth House, which the Twelfth House directly opposes, it’s the house of “what am I good at?”, the Twelfth House is the house of “all the things I don’t know about myself and the outer world”. Everything that is coveted, hidden or invisible will “show up” here. Because it represents all the things upon which we don’t have any sort of control, this house has been traditionally feared by astrologers, but there’s no need for that. It simply shows that we do have a side that we don’t know and it waits to be discovered. The process of discovering what lies here may be painful, that’s true, but, usually, the reward is significant.

A well aspected Twelfth Chart may create the context for a person who is in tune with his or her unconscious side, ready to act upon “hunches”, and, most of the time, with successful results. It may also describe an individual which is balanced from within, but somehow “invisible” in society (some women with the air of “unattainable” or “out of this world” aura have a very well aspected Twelfth House”.

A badly aspected Twelfth House will lay out the context for a native with frequent withdrawal episodes, with chronic communication and integration problem, with long chunks of time spent in the wilderness or in isolation.

The twelfth House is ruled by the planet Neptune and the sign Pisces.


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