Uranus Transit Conjunct Moon

Uranus is the planet of violent renewal, of revolutions and disruptions. When it hits the natal Moon, which is the center of emotions, the unconscious core of our beings, interesting things will happen. The keyword is emotional upheaval. The deeper…

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Retrograde Mercury

Mercury represents intelligence, thoughts, mind activity. It also deals with money, commerce and travel. When retrograde, interesting things happens... Many people think retrogradation is something dangerous. Even ancient astrology still states pretty often that retrogradation is a state of aggression…

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Retrograde Saturn

Many people misunderstand Saturn. Traditional astrology used this good / bad planet dichotomy in order to describe planets and somehow, this dichotomy passed to modern astrologers too. Nothing is good or bad in itself. Everything is a function of your…

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Pluto Transits

One of the most fascinating planets, at least for me, is Pluto. Ruler of decay and rebirth, master of my solar sign (Scorpio, that is) and one of the most powerful change agents in the Universe. Whenever Pluto hits a…

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