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Introduction To Astrology

Introduction To Astrology

If you re here, it means you’re fascinated with stars. Or you may think that there’s more to the world than the eye can see. In any case, you’re right.

Astrology, or the art of divination through stars, fascinated human kind for millennia. There are references to it in almost any known culture. Kings and queens were taking astrology into account when making decisions. Doctors used it to heal their patients. And, even today, people use it to get a better understanding of their own potential.

The course you’re going to take will teach some fundamentals principles behind this art. The main goal of the course is to give you a fundamental “vocabulary”, so that you can understand the basic principles. From here, you will be able to articulate your own “phrasing”.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • understand how astrology works
  • understand the applicability and the limits of astrology
  • understand what are the astrological signs and their basic qualities
  • understand what are the astrological houses and their basic interpretations
  • understand what roles our solar system planets are playing from an astrological point of view
  • create a natal chart using freely available tools on the internet
  • apply basic principles in reading that chart
  • put your own intuition into play by learning various chart reading scenarios

There is a total of 7 sections in this course. You can think at them as “lessons” and they will be presented to you as such, but each of them will contain material presented in various ways. The length of a “lesson” varies from just 10-20 minutes, up to a few hours. At the end of each lesson there will be one or many assignments. In order to go from one lesson to the next one, you will be required to complete all the assignments.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate, provided that you completed all the lessons. But, apart from this certificate, the main advantage will be that you will have a very important skill in your life toolbox, a skill that will shed more light into your own life, as well into the life of others.

Let’s start.

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