Jupiter In Libra

In Libra, Jupiter makes for a luxury-oriented, opulent behaviour.
People with this placement are oriented towards indulging in all aspects of life, but especially in everything that is related to beauty (or appreciation of beauty) or social relationships. Big is better, for these natives, in almost everything. They’re the “think big, everything will eventually fall into places” types. They have excellent taste in artistic matters, but they’re also a bit hesitant when they have to settle down to a certain style or pattern.

They’re not very good at physical activities but they may exhibit excellent soft skills in any sport. They somehow “know” how to do it, but they lack the force, or the discipline to commit to any physical activity for a long time. Jupiter in Libra gives also a very strong sense of justice. More often than not, these natives can work in social structures where they have to keep in balance important parts of that institution or other similar parts of the system in which they are acting. Judges or lawyers often have this placement in their natal chart.

One of the problems that may arise from this placement may be compulsive eating and, therefore, weight issues. Somehow, natives with this placement are still enjoying a relatively balanced health.