Moon In Libra


Moon in Libra gives a mutable and sensitive emotional field.

The keyword here is artistic sensitivity. Moon in Libra acts like a channel to what is perceived as being “beauty” or “harmony”. Often, natives with Moon In Libra have artistic professions, as performers, not only as observers or consumers of art. They appear as being “gifted” in certain areas, mostly in what involves speaking or writing: actors, writers. Gracefulness and a certain “je ne sais quoi” are always accompanying the naive making him a person you would remember. It’s not charisma, the person doesn’t instantly attract attention or other people around him or her, but it’s rather a certain unspeakable quality of beauty that it’s projected and that makes the appearance of that person memorable.

The downside of this sensitivity may be a certain instability, which may be easily mistaken for moodiness. And indeed, a Moon In Libra will be very hard to follow for the ones around. Emotions, as pure and beautiful as they are, tend to come and go without any warning, leaving the ones around a bit baffled, as for what provoked the mood change. Accepting these ups and downs of a Moon in Virgo is key in having a fulfilling relationship (no matter if it’s a business or a romantic relationship).

The natives may also expose a bit of an emotional indecision, which tends to be alleviated as they grow old and which can sometimes manifests as an emotional block of some sort. Incapacity to settle to a single partner may also be an expression of this indecision. Surprisingly enough, they somehow manage to keep the drama away of this wandering. Their ability to “remain friends” is probably their most powerful tool in dealing with other people.

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