Aquarius Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Aquarius – Aries

The strangest combination. An unstable partnership, with many ups and downs. A thrilling experience, but also very unpredictable. There are many things that can bring them together, the need for new stuff being one of them. But they’re both getting bored pretty fast and they will soon try to find excitement elsewhere. And yet, the electrifying effect of Aquarius will always pull the generous Aries back, over and over again. It’s a case of “can’t be with or without you”.

Aquarius – Taurus

Speaking different languages. Electrifying, but unstable, this partnership will make things almost impossible to understand. There is a fundamental difference in the way the partners are seeing life and what brings them satisfaction. Although there is a lot of subtle intuition going on, the plain, normal communication tend to occur rather scarcely. Usually, this works best for dating, if you’re on something fast and at the same time romantic, but long term commitment will be felt like a chore for both signs.

Aquarius – Gemini

Tension and release, that’s from where and to where this relationship will go, with bounds and leaps. Two very energetic signs, both curious and subtle. There will be a lot of magnetic approach and rejection between these two, which is their closest way to feel romanticism. But lack of deep emotion will make them fall apart before the bonding is really consumed. A back and forth swing which will leave them more often than not puzzled, but surprisingly fulfilled. A bumpy, but certainly rewarding partnership.

Aquarius – Cancer

Improbably nice. At the first sight, there’s little holding these two characters together, but, if you look carefully, you’ll see a deep bond. They both share an unconditional love towards one another, and, most of all, they are first of all friends. In this case, the rebellious tendencies of Aquarius will be considered at best childish and forgivable. And truth is, they are just friendly explorations. Because they have a hard time fighting with each other, this couple can endure a long time, even if others may find the combination difficult.

Aquarius – Leo

The electric excitement. Leo and Aquarius can be very good together, the secret is not to try to do this for a long time. If they confine themselves in a relationship too tight, very soon things will explode. But if they can keep separate agendas and just enjoy some time together, they’ll experience a magical bond. There will be unexpected ups and downs, but both will enjoy them, as both have the need for surprise and challenge in their life. There is also a protective side of Leo that Aquarius will find very pleasing.

Aquarius – Virgo

Curiosity and playfulness. These are the two binding stripes of this rather strange, but nevertheless exciting, relationship. There is a certain curiosity that runs deep between these two, as one will constantly try to uncover, in a playful and joyful way, the other one’s secrets. That would be the Aquarius, of course. While Virgo, because of the tender approach, will feel quite fascinated and please with this type of attention. The danger here is that when the curiosity is satisfied, the relationship will also be consumed.

Aquarius – Libra

Two refined – but kinda odd – friends. There is a strong bond, but also a lot of detachment in this combination. The need for freedom is big, on both parts, and commitment may not be the main theme of this partnership. But even in this case, the two will form a reliable pair, because they share the same life goals or visions. They’re both humanitarian and empathetic, with a dash of class. If a long term commitment is not required, this could be a very fine relationship.

Aquarius – Scorpio

A strange fit. This combination is so unlikely, that, from a certain level up, it may even work. But a few points must be kept in mind:  first of all, no one should question the other one about the ways  they do things. Second, they must give each other a lot of room to move, hence, from the outside, this partnership may not even look like a partnership at all. And third, they must be prepared to lower their expectations to a minimum. If they achieve this, a very rewarding and fresh relationship can be created.

Aquarius – Sagittarius

Too much freedom. Both lovers of distant horizons, bot curious, these two may form an odd pair. From the outside, you wouldn’t even guess they’re together. In social circles they strive to keep their individual views separated, although they do share a lot of common ground. Passion arouses sudden between them but it’s short lived, expressing in bursts, rather in an earthy, gentle continuum. Eventually, the relationship may evolve into a transparent friendship or in a very well defined form of a partnership.

Aquarius – Aquarius

Two wrongs makes a right. Well, not always, of course, but, with this pairing, most of the time. These are the weird couples that are “sensing” the trends in social moves or in fashion. They’re acting relaxed and at the same time revolutionary and there is always some sort of a new thing that they are doing or plan doing together. They’re giving each other so much room to move, that, at times, other persons may feel embarrassed by their views and / or approaches.

Aquarius – Capricorn

Potential for reform. Although this relationship may not be an easy one, it should be useful to both parties. Historically, both signs share the same rules, Saturn, which makes them kinda stubborn, organized and analytical. Add in a bit of revolt from the Aquarius and you get an interesting combination. These couple usually get involved in large social projects or dedicate their life together to bigger purposes. There is a lack of affection, though, which may make the partnership a bit dull at times.

Aquarius – Pisces

Admiration and self-sacrifice. These are the main themes of such a bonding. Most of the time, it’s the Aquarius person who gets all the credit, because, in the Pisces persona’s mind, they exert a lot of courage and self-awareness, but, sometimes it may go the other way, where the Pisces charisma is highly valued by the Aquarius part. Nonetheless, the relationship will have an aura of dreaminess and reform, a rare combination which may spark at times in short periods of withdrawal and inner reconstruction.

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