Gemini Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Gemini – Aries

A bit of a roller coaster. Combine the fire in the Aries with air in the Gemini and you will find a sizzling party. There will be bubbles and sparkling conversations, there will be a bit refinement and a lot of humor. Both individuals tend to encourage the other one and support their way of thinking. The only downside of this will be too much floating. If they can’t keep their business very tidy and clean, things will get out of control pretty fast and they will be almost impossible to reconcile.

Gemini – Taurus

A case of trying to hold together two different worlds. If you love contrasts by nature, you will feel good in such a relationship, but if you’re on stability, don’t even think about it. There is an electric attraction, much from the part of the Taurus, but there is also a lot of reluctance to commit from the part of Gemini. At some level, they can hold ground together, but the problem is the instability created by the stable nature of Taurus, which is often perceived as boring by the Gemini.

Gemini – Gemini

It’s a case of too much laughter and too little responsibility. Although a couple formed by two Gemini can be sparkling and joyful, there is a tendency to overlook the more serious part of life. Also, their minds will be so occupied to catch up with each other stories, that, at times, the cohabitation can become tiresome. There is also a lack of genuine emotional interchange, since the air nature of this double sign can float way too high above the depths of a real emotional interaction.

Gemini – Cancer

Water and air, a swinging back and forth unity. The nature of Cancer, responsible, sensitive and nurturing can be very pleasing to the restless Gemini, until it breaks the perceived freedom. If Gemini will feel too confined by the domestic aspirations of Cancer, there will be some tension. On the other hand, Cancer will be soothed by the happy-go-lucky approach of Gemini, by their endless joy and optimism, but if the ice becomes too thin, they will tend to back up.

Gemini – Leo

Audacious and powerful Leo will find a loyal follower in the Gemini person. They both share the pleasure of being the public spot, or, if not that, at least the pleasure to perform in front of each other. They both can appreciate a good laughter and Leo’s generosity will find a consistent consumer in Gemini (regardless of the gender, the Gemini person will tend to relay a bit too much on Leo’s resources). When things get serious, Gemini will feel protected and Leo needed. A fine combination.

Gemini – Virgo

Why so serious? This union can go in a sort of check-mate more often than not. There’s a blocking energy from the Virgo person which is very powerfully perceived by the Gemini person. A tendency to over-analyze can also be present on both parts, which can make communication difficult: although on the surface there’s a lot of words exchanging, there isn’t too much meaning going on. More often than not, love is intellectualized, rather than felt. Platonic relationships are very common with this combination.

Gemini – Libra

A good match, but still too much above the clouds. The sense of humor of Gemini is smoothed by Libra’s love of beautiful things. Socially speaking, these two are a perfect pair. As a matter of fact, there is a tendency to consume the relationship excessively in the public eye, rather than in the intimacy of a home. If they are isolated from social contacts for too long, depression, and a sense of alienation may occur. The instability and superficiality are still present, but less than in other Gemini combinations.

Gemini – Scorpio

Very good intellectual match, but not more than that. There is a spark going on, both are stimulating and engaging, but somehow, the roads get blocked after a certain level. It seems that the relentless need for mystery and depth of Scorpio is always detoured by Gemini’s intelligent and flamboyant persona. They can get along better as friends, for a couple relationship the fundamental glue is missing. But, as friends, they can get along very well.

Gemini – Sagittarius

Two adventurers on a nice trip. If they can keep the relationship on this track, they will get along pretty well. Otherwise, one or both of them will feel threatened and will build secret roads to escape. If they can allow to each other the freedom to try new things together and to share these experiences, they will have a very rich and fulfilling relationship. If they will try to confine it into fixed structures, the relationship may survive, but its quality will be drastically reduced.

Gemini – Aquarius

Tension and release, that’s from where and to where this relationship will go, with bounds and leaps. Two very energetic signs, both curious and subtle. There will be a lot of magnetic approach and rejection between these two, which is their closest way to feel romanticism. But lack of deep emotion will make them fall apart before the bonding is really consumed. A back and forth swing which will leave them more often than not puzzled, but surprisingly fulfilled. A bumpy, but certainly rewarding partnership.

Gemini – Capricorn

A boss – employee type of approach. The cold and systematic Capricorn will find the Gemini playful approach appealing, while the Gemini will respect the tenure and the ability to get results of the Capricorn. Outside of a business type of relationship, this thing will not have many chances to survive, though. There’s too much neurotic reaction from Capricorn if the rules are broken, and Gemini are making a flagship out of their ability to playfully break the rules.

Gemini – Pisces

A love story from beyond. If they manage to exchange the first words, that is. There is so much difference between these two, that they can hardly get along. But if and when they do, there is a very magical connection that can keep them together in a dreamy, fantastic realm. The intuitive Pisces will complete the sparkling Gemini and they will both enjoy a love story that seem to come from another world. But, as I said, these cases are rather rare, most of the time they will respectfully ignore each other.

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