Pisces Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Pisces – Aries

The mysterious Pisces will always act like a lighthouse for the Aries. Attraction is strong, like in any fire – water combination. But the communication is very difficult. The emotional level will play well, more often than not, but at the words level, there won’t be much happening. There will be either misunderstanding, either plain manipulation. It’s like the two of them are living in different countries.. In most cases, though, the romantic atmosphere of this relationship will be hard to forget by any of the two.

Pisces – Taurus

An almost magical union. But, like any “magical” thing, it will be rather thin and easy to tear down with logic. Even if in the beginning there will be incredible romance, soon the wandering nature of the P:isces will draw the practical Taurus crazy. It is impossible to find middle ground, because one is so drawn to earth, and the other to the unthinkable depth of the spiritual and magic. At times, they will meet somewhere in between, but there will never be a linear, growing pattern to this relationship.

Pisces – Gemini

A love story from beyond. If they manage to exchange the first words, that is. There is so much difference between these two, that they can hardly get along. But if and when they do, there is a very magical connection that can keep them together in a dreamy, fantastic realm. The intuitive Pisces will complete the sparkling Gemini and they will both enjoy a love story that seem to come from another world. But, as I said, these cases are rather rare, most of the time they will respectfully ignore each other.

Pisces – Cancer

Confusion and instability. Too much water and blending into the universal consciousness will make this partnership confusing. Although emotions are running high, the lack of predictability and the overall confusion will make this partnership really unstable. Of course, there will be a lot of romanticism involved, and, for a while, things can go incredibly well. But, at some point, the tension will become hard to handle for both and things can get ugly.

Pisces – Leo

Bursts of mystery and confusion. As in any Piscean context, there will be a lot of romance and mystery involved, especially in the beginning. The heroic side of Leo will made him feel compelled to “save”the Pisces, only to realize immediately after that the other one doesn’t need rescue, but even more mystery. And protection, at the same time. It’s easy to see how, even if the initial attraction is strong, this will not fit in any standard combination. But when exceptions occur, they are really long lasting.

Pisces – Virgo

An impossible reaction. The contact between these two signs is very special. If it happens at all, that is. Because there is a natural obstacle, created by the shyness of Virgo and the lack of fixation of Pisces which will keep them apart. If it happens at all, it’s most of the time a deep karmic bond, in which one, or both players, have a consistent payback to solve. As such, the relationship will feel more like a burden by both and it will be plagues with a lot feelings of inadequacy and depression.

Pisces – Libra

Evasion and confusion. The instability of Libra will meet the melting potential of Pisces. Indecision, lack of orientation and a dreamy feeling, these are the main themes of this relationship. These are those couples that feel – and look – out of this world. Needless to say that such a partnership has a big potential for disappointment and delusion. But, in rare occasions, this may also transform into on of those stories about unconditional love that we get to read in poems or novels.

Pisces – Scorpio

That’s one of the most compatible combinations on the zodiac. It’s mystery melting into spirituality, it’s unconditional love meeting restless obsession, it’s a bonding that seems so out of this world that people have a hard time recognizing it. And yet, these two are succeeding like no others to balance the dreamy part of this world, with the practical trivia of the day to day activity. Lovers of discretion, hot partners in bed and friends for a lifetime, the thing they have is a gift from gods. But. There’s a “but”: Pisces may have to commit totally (and that’s something very difficult for them) and Scorpio must learn how to lessen the tension (and that’s equally difficult for them too).

Pisces – Sagittarius

A strong bond. There’s a very powerful spiritual theme in this relationship as they both recognize their “outer” side easily. As a matter of fact, much of these relationships are often consumed in a different world. They’re either secret or concealed. It’s like each one would want to escape some sort of an inner prison and it’s using the other one as accomplice. As for physical compatibility there’s most of the time a kind of a platonic tone, although a very open and active sensuality can be noted quite often.

Pisces – Aquarius

Admiration and self-sacrifice. These are the main themes of such a bonding. Most of the time, it’s the Aquarius person who gets all the credit, because, in the Pisces persona’s mind, they exert a lot of courage and self-awareness, but, sometimes it may go the other way, where the Pisces charisma is highly valued by the Aquarius part. Nonetheless, the relationship will have an aura of dreaminess and reform, a rare combination which may spark at times in short periods of withdrawal and inner reconstruction.

Pisces – Capricorn

Back and forth. Although imbalanced, this relationship holds a lot of potential. Because of the unmistakable mystery and charisma of the Pisces and the grounding approach of the Capricorn, interesting structure may appear and get dissolved at times. Eventually, the instability of the relationship gets accepted and they can both focus on sharing what they have and enjoy it for what it is, rather than for what they can build upon. But there will be a lot of swinging back and forth until they reach this point.

Pisces – Pisces

The ultimate, impossible dream. Most of the time, this relationship is very sensual, sensitive and creative. Both are sensing each other needs and they act towards fulfilling them. When this happen simultaneously, the relationship is a living dream. The problem is that these things are seldom happening at the same time, the main problem between the partners being the timing. It seems to be a lack of synchronization, either in goals or approaches, that brings down this potential dream to a more earthy, unrequited love.

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