Sagittarius Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Sagittarius – Aries

The most powerful thing keeping these two together is their deep curiosity. Both are adventurers, in any conceivable meaning of the term: they will either love to travel together or to experiment new and challenging lifestyles. If they’re not lovers, they can be good friends, provided that they will take turns in the front seat. The competitiveness in Aries may feel threatened by the long term vision of Sagittarius. If they can manage these leadership issues, they will have a pleasant journey together.

Sagittarius – Taurus

A continuous tension. Sometimes the tension will be good, making them both growing, but most of the time will be perceived as annoying. Although in the beginning there will be much attraction and flamboyant adventures, in time, Taurus will tend to back up in his own backyard, while Sagittarius will be left to roam (mentally, or physically) in his own, fantastic world. If both parts are mature enough, even this partnership can provide rewarding, as long as expectations are curbed.

Sagittarius – Gemini

Two adventurers on a nice trip. If they can keep the relationship on this track, they will get along pretty well. Otherwise, one or both of them will feel threatened and will build secret roads to escape. If they can allow to each other the freedom to try new things together and to share these experiences, they will have a very rich and fulfilling relationship. If they will try to confine it into fixed structures, the relationship may survive, but its quality will be drastically reduced.

Sagittarius – Cancer

Disruptive tension and conflicting goals. If you’re after something powerful but which requires a lot of work, go on. But if you’re looking for something more tranquil, think twice. There is a certain incompatibility at the core values level that will keep those individuals away. Although they do share a lot of attitudes towards life, like generosity and compassion, what they really want from one another is not there. They can make really good friends, but long term associations may be difficult to maintain.

Sagittarius – Leo

Explorers and friends. That’s what best defines the potential of this relationship. Both fire signs, ready to take on risks, they have little interests for a domestic life. Sharing adventures will be more appealing to them than sharing a house. If they can do that together, they will also create some form of mutual respect, which, in the long run, can keep things from falling apart. There will be enthusiasm, but not much tenderness. At times, depression and loneliness can occur.

Sagittarius – Virgo

Too much tension. There is a certain restlessness that poisons this relation. Although there will be a lot of mutual respect, admiration, and even attraction, the tension between the open boundaries searched and soothed by Sagittarius and the confinement that will keep Virgo comfortable, will eventually tear it down. It may survive, but there will be a constant need to create a lot of space between the players, otherwise the tension will explode, with irreparable damages.

Sagittarius – Libra

The explorer and the muse. Sagittarius will feel inspired by Libra and the last one may feel a certain attraction for the exacerbated spiritual side of Sagittarius. But Neptune (Sagittarius) talking to Libra (Venus) will never go over the fogginess level. There might be a lot of pure love, but at the sexual level things may get blocked after a while. If Libra will not be centered, there is a clear potential for disappointment, as Sagittarius will always have a hidden agenda, ready to be used at the slightest sign of attachment.

Sagittarius – Scorpio

Two cautious friends. There is a certain bod here, and not a feeble one. Both are turned on by mystery, but one by the dark side of it, and the other by the more open, spiritual side of the mystery. There will be clashes of will, and there will be a bit of a fight going on. But once they settle up and describe clearly the terms of their cohabitation, things can become easier to manage. There will be, though, a lot of mistrust from the Scorpio side, partly fed by the openly expressed need of the Sagittarius part to have more experiences.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius

Two explorers, adventurers or “evangelists”. Most of the time, it’s a common theme in their lives that brings these two together, and not personal feelings. They’re more like traveling together towards distant destination or striving together towards a specific goal. From this point of view, the relationship may endure, as they both have compatible values, at least. Intense passion may lack, or it may come under the form of a pure spiritual binding. Also, competition is quite possible and should be managed.

Sagittarius – Aquarius

Too much freedom. Both lovers of distant horizons, bot curious, these two may form an odd pair. From the outside, you wouldn’t even guess they’re together. In social circles they strive to keep their individual views separated, although they do share a lot of common ground. Passion arouses sudden between them but it’s short lived, expressing in bursts, rather in an earthy, gentle continuum. Eventually, the relationship may evolve into a transparent friendship or in a very well defined form of a partnership.

Sagittarius – Capricorn

Complementarity and tension. There is a certain bond here, mostly based on the fact that, while one wants to travel the world and back, the other wants to see, or provide, the support needed for that. There is potential for a fulfilling relationship as long as they both keep different tabs for who is doing what, and Capricorns are well known for that. A possible drawback could be noted in the area of too much experimentation from the part of Sagittarius, which could become a source of frustration for Capricorn.

Sagittarius – Pisces

A strong bond. There’s a very powerful spiritual theme in this relationship as they both recognize their “outer” side easily. As a matter of fact, much of these relationships are often consumed in a different world. They’re either secret or concealed. It’s like each one would want to escape some sort of an inner prison and it’s using the other one as accomplice. As for physical compatibility there’s most of the time a kind of a platonic tone, although a very open and active sensuality can be noted quite often.

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