Scorpio Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Scorpio – Aries

Intense beginnings but not much going on after that. The deep Scorpio, although attracted initially by the flamboyance of Aries, will soon become bored or even defensive and will try to put the defenses on again. Aries will never understand the depth of the soul of the Scorpio, not to mention his or her need for secrecy and mystery. Undoubtedly, the bond may be quite strong and it will work best if the two agree not to go over the “dating” layer, which can be very rewarding at the physical level. Other than that, there won’t be much left.

Scorpio – Taurus

An intense and powerful combination. These opposite signs in the zodiac are ideally complementary. The darkness and intensity of the Scorpio are mesmerizing for the Taurus and the good mood and natural optimism of the later are making Scorpio lighter. There is still a sense of rushing and lack of patience, especially from the side of Scorpio, who loves drama, not quiet picnics, but, in time, the roughness will be smoothed. Also, this combination makes for a very good physical compatibility.

Scorpio – Gemini

Very good intellectual match, but not more than that. There is a spark going on, both are stimulating and engaging, but somehow, the roads get blocked after a certain level. It seems that the relentless need for mystery and depth of Scorpio is always detoured by Gemini’s intelligent and flamboyant persona. They can get along better as friends, for a couple relationship the fundamental glue is missing. But, as friends, they can get along very well.

Scorpio – Cancer

Intense, nurturing and profound, these are a few keywords that are defining this union. Both water signs, with deep running emotions, Scorpio and Cancer will have a rather hard time taking off, but if they really match, there will be potential for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship. Cancer feels a deep attraction for the mysterious Scorpio and, in turn, the Scorpio is enthralled by the natural kindness and emotional power of Cancer. Of course, too much feeling can be dangerous, and especially Scorpio can be more than a little bit thrown off at times.

Scorpio – Leo

Two chiefs holding a party. This a very powerful combination, provided that a certain things are kept under control. First of all, Scorpio should assume a humbler role, leaving Leo in the spot light (at least publicly). Second, Leo should exert more understanding towards what he or she considers to be “the moods” of Scorpio. Other than that, they both understand and complete each other, and they do this with much vigor and energy. This will be a fulfilling and enduring partnership, even if, at times, electric currents will run high in the basement.

Scorpio – Virgo

There is a deep attraction here, between the reserved and calculated Virgo and the tempestuous and passionate Scorpio. In certain cases, the relationship may work relatively well, but both should pay extra attention to how they communicate. It’s very easy for the analytical Virgo to cool down the audacity of the Scorpio, and the latter will constantly feel the need to challenge Virgo into more risky adventures. If they can strike a balance on this tension, there will be much to be taken from this.

Scorpio – Libra

Beauty and the beast. There is a great tension between these two partners: Libra is mesmerized (although without showing it too much) by Scorpio’s depth and mystery, while the later is attracted by Libra’s charms like nothing else. It’s a hide and seek game, because neither one wants to catch – or be a catch – for the other one. It’s a forbidden fruit for both of them, as they know that a committed interaction will annihilate both of them. With ups and downs assumed, this relationship can function – because of this tension – for a long time.

Scorpio – Scorpio

That’s one of the most intense bonds across the zodiac. Both inquisitive, possessive, jealous and mysterious. The atmosphere around these two will resemble to a storm ready to explode. For long periods of time, though, they can be really calm and cooperative, but that’s only an appearance, deep down, the unconscious need for drama will build up slowly. One thing that will counter-balance this tensions, though, will be the sexual activity. Most of the time, they’ll be able to solve the conflicts in bed.

Scorpio – Sagittarius

Two cautious friends. There is a certain bond here, and not a feeble one. Both are turned on by mystery, but one by the dark side of it, and the other by the more open, spiritual side of the mystery. There will be clashes of will, and there will be a bit of a fight going on. But once they settle up and describe clearly the terms of their cohabitation, things can become easier to manage. There will be, though, a lot of mistrust from the Scorpio side, partly fed by the openly expressed need of the Sagittarius part to have more experiences.

Scorpio – Aquarius

A strange fit. This combination is so unlikely, that, from a certain level up, it may even work. But a few points must be kept in mind:  first of all, no one should question the other one about the ways  they do things. Second, they must give each other a lot of room to move, hence, from the outside, this partnership may not even look like a partnership at all. And third, they must be prepared to lower their expectations to a minimum. If they achieve this, a very rewarding and fresh relationship can be created.

Scorpio – Capricorn

The builder and the initiator. Most of the time, this is very soothing combination. It’s like these two are coming together to comfort each other. One is stubborn and practical, the other one is inquisitive and persistent, in an obsessive way. The danger is that they will focus too much on the common goal they want to achieve, and less on the relationship itself. They’re master at creating and maintaining resources, but emotional bonding may be at times difficult to manage. If they’re able to create any emotional bonding at all.

Scorpio – Pisces

That’s one of the most compatible combinations on the zodiac. It’s mystery melting into spirituality, it’s unconditional love meeting restless obsession, it’s a bonding that seems so out of this world that people have a hard time recognizing it. And yet, these two are succeeding like no others to balance the dreamy part of this world, with the practical trivia of the day to day activity. Lovers of discretion, hot partners in bed and friends for a lifetime, the thing they have is a gift from gods. But. There’s a “but”: Pisces may have to commit totally (and that’s something very difficult for them) and Scorpio must learn how to lessen the tension (and that’s equally difficult for them too).

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