Taurus Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Taurus – Aries

It’s an dynamic combination, which can be very rewarding under certain circumstance. The audacity of Aries is perceived very well by the conservative Taurus, while the love of luxury and the nose for business of Taurus are highly regarded by the – most often than not – “fast and furious” Aries. If both parts can keep these things in perspective and not trespass on the other territory, things will work out. If not, either sign will try to hold on, there will be too much tension.

Taurus – Taurus

These two share a deep bond for earthy pleasures and indulging in joyful activities it’s their personal mantra. Overdoing it and boredom are the only downsides of this combination, if there aren’t any other challenging aspects, the relationship will eventually stop in a motionless attitude, with both partners waiting for the other one to take the lead. Stability is paramount to them, but they can also become the victim of this search for safety. A bit of adventure may spark things on.

Taurus – Gemini

A case of trying to hold together two different worlds. If you love contrasts by nature, you will feel good in such a relationship, but if you’re on stability, don’t even think about it. There is an electric attraction, much from the part of the Taurus, but there is also a lot of reluctance to commit from the part of Gemini. At some level, they can hold ground together, but the problem is the instability created by the stable nature of Taurus, which is often perceived as boring by the Gemini.

Taurus – Cancer

A great combination, in most cases. Mixing the Cancer sensitivity and the Taurus predictability and ability to resist through difficult times, this partnership has a great potential. Both partners are enjoying spending time around the house, and, unless they have some serious business commitments outside the homes space, they can even become a bit of loners or sociopaths. But, if they can properly balance their social life with their domestic passtimes, the relationship will be a fulfilling one.

Taurus – Leo

Mix leaders with strategy and you get a public partnership. The need for show-off (even in the good sense of it) of  Leo, will push away Taurus at times, he loves privacy too much to get such a big exposure. But, if there’s business involved, it will do. Leo will be attracted to the Taurean taste for luxury and refinement, finding it a suitable surrounding for his native magnanimity. Sometimes, the intimacy may be shaky with these two, a feeling of not being at ease slowly undermining the relationship.

Taurus – Virgo

A silent, long lasting partnership. Two earth signs, with a penchant to analysis and righteousness. If there’s a mutual goal, they will strive together to get there, and in most cases they’ll do just fine. But there is a lack of enthusiasm floating above them, like they’ll find the partnership burdensome. Even it’s not joyful, the partnership will be durable, but not without ups and downs. The keywords here are determination, tenacity and persistence, rather than joy and exhilaration.

Taurus – Libra

A fine arts partnerships. The most important binding will be the love of beautiful things or activities related to fine arts. There is a clear affinity between these two individuals, even if they express it in rather different ways. But, in this case, the combination will rather complement each other, not put them on opposite positions. The danger here is to indulge too much, something that the Taurus knows very well doing, and what Libra will dramatically pick up.

Taurus – Scorpio

An intense and powerful combination. These opposite signs in the zodiac are ideally complementary. The darkness and intensity of the Scorpio are mesmerizing for the Taurus and the good mood and natural optimism of the later are making Scorpio lighter. There is still a sense of rushing and lack of patience, especially from the side of Scorpio, who loves drama, not quiet picnics, but, in time, the roughness will be smoothed. Also, this combination makes for a very good physical compatibility.

Taurus – Sagittarius

A continuous tension. Sometimes the tension will be good, making them both growing, but most of the time will be perceived as annoying. Although in the beginning there will be much attraction and flamboyant adventures, in time, Taurus will tend to back up in his own backyard, while Sagittarius will be left to roam (mentally, or physically) in his own, fantastic world. If both parts are mature enough, even this partnership can provide rewarding, as long as expectations are curbed.

Taurus – Aquarius

Speaking different languages. Electrifying, but unstable, this partnership will make things almost impossible to understand. There is a fundamental difference in the way the partners are seeing life and what brings them satisfaction. Although there is a lot of subtle intuition going on, the plain, normal communication tend to occur rather scarcely. Usually, this works best for dating, if you’re on something fast and at the same time romantic, but long term commitment will be felt like a chore for both signs.

Taurus – Capricorn

A serious, structured approach towards life. Another business-like combination, this time a bit more in the public eye. Capricorn tend to take leadership in this couple, leaving the Taurus to take care of the domestic stuff, which is something that largely makes the later happy. There will be desire to get ahead in life, both in terms of social position and material possessions. In time, a certain dryness, or lack of enthusiasm will grow, slowly putting this relationship in a comfortable silence.

Taurus – Pisces

An almost magical union. But, like any “magical” thing, it will be rather thin and easy to tear down with logic. Even if in the beginning there will be incredible romance, soon the wandering nature of the P:isces will draw the practical Taurus crazy. It is impossible to find middle ground, because one is so drawn to earth, and the other to the unthinkable depth of the spiritual and magic. At times, they will meet somewhere in between, but there will never be a linear, growing pattern to this relationship.

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