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We’re stardust. We’re made from the same atoms that took part in the creation of this Universe, of our own Solar system. Every once in a while, these atoms go well together. When this happens, we say we feel good with each other. And, sometimes, the atoms have this longing, this need to get and stay together. When they do, we tend to translate this as “falling in love”. What follows is a collection of short indications about how your “atoms” may play out with other types of “atoms”.



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Astrology Articles

Saturn Transit Through The Twelfth House

As you probably know already, Saturn transits are hard. And Saturn transit through the twelfth house is really standing out.…

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Personal Astrology Readings: How they Can Help You with Your Relationship Goals

Image source: Pixabay Astrology is an exceptional tool for self-discovery that is still making waves nowadays; in a society that…

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What Can a Compatibility Analysis Teach You?

If you should find a couple who has been happily married for twenty-five or thirty years and more, you have…

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Venus and Saturn in Synastry

The last two blog posts about Venus and Pluto, respectively Venus and Mars in synastry proved to be quite popular, so…

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Love Is Not a Sign of Compatibility

This is a guest post by Redmond Ellis Captivating moments in one’s life is nothing short of spending time with…

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Saturn and Uranus – The Teacher and The Rebel

Most of the time, people will experience this influence as a transit. And when it's felt as a transit, it's…

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