Astrological Houses

In astrology, houses are the celestial projections of astrological signs on earth. In other words, each house represents a certain life domain. Read on for a more detailed description of each of the astrological houses.

House 1 – The “me”. Personality and approach. The place from where you start.

House 2 – My values. Money and possessions. Things you value, things you think you need to have.

House 3 – How I communicate. Close relatives. Information exchange, talking, evaluation, assessment.

House 4 – Life roots. Upbringing and family surroundings. The place where you grew up and what you call “home”.

House 5 – Fun, kids, sex as in flirting and gambling. Physical exercise, dance, artistic expression, uninhibited self-expression.

House 6 – The service brought to community and body health. What do you call “work”, what do you perceive as something you do in exchange.

House 7 – Partners and enemies. Your significant other, the way you interact with the world at the relationship level.

House 8 – Death and beginning, sex as obsession, power. Other people money, inheritances, law and order.

House 9 – Spirituality, learning, long distance traveling. Higher education, teachers, schools of thought.

House 10 – Public eye, success acknowledgement, honors. The way other people see you, the visible contribution you bring to the world.

House 11 – Friends, groups, associations. The way you mingle in other people groups, what you take from and what you give to them.

House 12 – The unconscious. karma, isolation. Hidden places, the end, hospitals or unseens suffering.

Houses are also of different types: angular, succedent and cadent.

Angular houses: House 1, House 4, House 7, House 10.

Succedent houses: House 2, House, 5, House 8, House 11.

Cadent houses: House 3, House 6, House 9, House 12.

Usually, angular houses are considered supportive. Planets found there in natal chart are supposed to act most of their positive qualities. Succedent houses are usually about fixed structures, they tend to ground the and contain the qualities of the planets there. Cadent houses are considered usually less fortunate. Planets there may express their energy in a rather debilitating way.

When analyzing the planets in a house, wether it will be about a natal, composite or synastry chart, one should take into account the totality of factors involved, meaning not only planets and their qualities, but also aspects between those planets.