Eighth House

Eighth House

Mode: Fixed
Ruling planet: Pluto
Ruling sign: Scorpio
Governs: death, regeneration, transformation 


Eighth house is the house of death and regeneration. Traditionally doomed, it should not be feared, because “death” is merely the first part of transformation, the eighth house being also responsible for rebirths, new beginnings and growth.

The eighth house also deals with obsessions, taboos and sex as a form of total meltdown and regeneration.

It also rules other people money, inheritances and everything that it opposes the Second House – or, in other terms, “other people values”.

The Eighth House will show in a native’s chart which forces he or she may encounter that will lead to regeneration. It will also show areas in which the native may experience loss (sometimes even loss of identity). Everything in the Eighth House will be subjected to a thorough analysis (as, Pluto, its ruler, knows best how to these types of analysis), ripped to the very bones and then reconstructed. Planets here and the cusps of the Eight House will tell a lot about how natives reacts in contact with loss and other people values.

A well aspected Eighth House may describe a balanced native, one which may be fortunate through inheritances, for instance. A badly aspected Eighth House may create the context for constant neediness, for “bad luck” in relationship with partners or relatives, for frequent losses both in emotional and material field.

Sex, as a transformative energy, can also be represented by the Eighth House, but it’s not the lighthearted sex that we enjoy in the Fifth House, but rather the deep, obsessive, sometimes hurting sex that leads to total inner transformation.

The Eighth House is ruled by the planet Pluto and the sign Scorpio.


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