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Eleventh House

Mode: Fixed
Ruling planet: Uranus
Ruling sign: Aquarius
Governs: friends and groups


The eleventh house is the house of friends and groups. It deals with social gatherings, affiliations to certain movements and how do we define ourselves in rapport with other members of the society.

It is also referred as the house of destiny, hopes and dreams.

If the Tenth House is the house of the actual impact, the Eleventh House is the house of what we would like it to be. The two are not always the same. In the Eleventh House we have interact in an easy, fun way, with other people or groups of people. If the Fifth House, opposed directly by the Eleventh House shows how we enjoy games, the Eleventh House also shows with whom we would like to play them.

Whatever draws the native to join a certain movement (being it spiritual, social, humanitarian or just a fan club of a soccer team) will be shown here. The Eleventh House will tell a lot about the quality of our social life, about how do we define ourselves in terms of social connection, how we join gatherings and how we leave them.

A positively aspected Eleventh House may describe a native who is naturally at ease in other groups, who is supported by positive factors in the quest of his or her dreams, and who has a “nose” for joining the right team at the right moment. A badly aspected Eleventh House may create the context for an isolated, or even rebellious character, always out of sync with what’s happen in the world and who may even act awkward in public, or create awkward reactions in relation with groups and teams.

The eleventh House is ruled by the planet Uranus and the sign Aquarius.


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