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Fifth House

Mode: Fixed
Ruling planet: Sun
Ruling sign: Leo
Governs: pleasure 


Fifth house is the house of pleasure, kids, flirtation and physical interaction. It’s also the house of sex as enjoyable pleasure (as opposed to sex as intense, fateful communion, like in the eighth house).

It oftens offer indications about kids, or how the natives relates to kids or to its childish, free part from within. A well aspected Fifth House may indicate a light childhood, or the fact that the native may have a good time with kids. It may also mean that the native can take life in an easy way. A badly aspected fifth house may give signs about infertility, infidelity or lack of interest (or thr general ability to partake) in physical activities.

Whatever falls in this house will have to do with a lighthearted approach. It’s the place where we feel cozy, free and ready to experiment. If the Fourth House is the house of “what do I stand for?”, the Fifth House is the house of “how do I enjoy life”. This enjoyment can take place on many levels. Whatever inclinations the native may have for fine arts, for dance, for physical activities, for anything related to games and fun, it will have to be discovered here, through the qualities of the sign and planets that fall in.

As we are still under the horizon, with one more house to go until we reach the Descendant, we’re still on the individual territory. It means that this house doesn’t give indications about the native’s ideal partners for sex or games, but rather about how he or she takes this in, how the experience of these activities will affect the native, how he or she will actually enjoy in these activities.

The fifth House is ruled by the Sun and the sign Leo.


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