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Fourth House

Mode: Cardinal
Ruling planet: Moon
Ruling sign: Cancer
Governs: house and family


Fourth house is the house of home and family. It is often referred as the house which is responsible for our sense of grounding and early family life. If the Third House is the house of “how I relate” to others, the Fourth House is the house of “where am I standing?”. It’s all about the roots, the upbringings, the early experiences that will, undoubtedly, shape a lot of the native unconscious life.

Whatever you can identify as being “your home”, or the feelings of belonging to some place or some community, it’s coming from the Fourth House. Whatever you will feel the urge to recompose in your adult family life will be greatly influenced by the planets in this house, and the sign that the house falls in.

It’s important to mention that the Fourth House cusp, also called Immum Coeli (from Latin: “the bottom of the sky”) plays an important role in the native’s chart. It’s a pivotal point, form where the native can look at the world from an established, identifiable viewpoint (this point is not always stable, or pleasant, but it’s identifiable, it’s part of the native identity). This point is part of an axis, along with the cusp of the Tenth House, called Medium Coeli (more on that at the Tenth House page). This axis, along with the Ascendant – Descendant axis are very often used to determine some some sort of a structural scaffold for native personality.

As such, the Fourth House will rule native unconscious desire for stability and belonging. The sign that IC falls in will determin how the native expresses this desire.

Fourth House can also be perceived as the house of the Mother or the Nurturer.

The fourth House is ruled by the planet Moon and the sign Cancer.


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