Ninth House

Ninth House

Mode: Mutable
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Ruling sign: Sagittarius
Governs: philosophy, travel


Ninth house is the house of philosophy, long distance travel, foreign land. It’s also referred often as the house of spirituality, or the higher knowledge.

The ninth house also deals with higher education, publishing and multi-national ventures.

If the Third House, which is directly¬†opposing, is the house of communication with the closest ones, with the siblings, the Ninth House takes this communication to the community level. It’s the house where we continue our learning through interaction with other people. It’s the house that tells us how and if we’re going to travel abroad (or in distant lands). It’s the house that deals with higher knowledge in the sense of knowledge that can be applied to the general wellbeing of the entire humanity.

Everything that draws the native towards philosophy (both as a quest for truth or as a long term profession) can be found here.

Recently, the Ninth House has been linked to multi-national ventures, so if we’re looking to see how one would react in contact with modern days “stealth countries”, as multi-national companies are often called, we should look here.

If there is something in the native’s chart that will lead to publishing (books, or just working in the industries of publishing) it will be shown here. The words spoken in the Third House are becoming written knowledge here, in the Ninth House by the means of validating them through other people opinions or experiences.

A well aspected Ninth House may draw the context for an explorer or a philosopher, whereas a badly aspected Ninth house may create the context for a physically limited existence, or for social isolation.

The ninth House is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius.


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