Second House

Second House

Mode: Fixed
Ruling planet: Venus
Ruling sign: Taurus
Governs: personal values, money


If First House is the house if “I”, “me”, the Second House is about “what do I stand for” or “what I have, what I own”.

Second house is the house of possessions, in all the sense you can apply to the term “possession”. It deals with real life things we can own, like money, properties, things but also with other stuff that we currently “own’, like our emotions, feelings and personal values.

It also deals with money, earned income, the ability to manage and create value for you and for others.

Traditionally, astrologers look at the second house when it comes to determine the amount of wealth one would reach in his current life. In a sense, this still holds true, but the interpretation must go above this layer, at the individual personal values. Because there’s a very powerful link between personal values and the amount of wealth we acquire. Some personal values may be felt more at the spiritual level, hence, the earthly wealth may not be abundant, but the native may express a lot of contentment with what he or she has.

The second house is also about what you will be very vocal considering “yours”. Whatever sense of property you may have during this life, it will be expressed through this house.

Any planet in the Second House, based on the sign in which it falls and on the qualities of the planet, as well as on the aspects of that planet, will directly influence all of the above. A strong stellium in the Second House, regardless of the aspects or planets, will put a strong emphasis on money and / or personal values for the native.

The second House is ruled by the planet Venus and the sign Taurus.


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