Seventh House

Seventh House

Mode: Cardinal
Ruling planet: Venus
Ruling sign: Libra
Governs: partnership


Seventh house is the house of partnerships. It also marks the exit from the bottom hemisphere of the zodiac, with the first 6 personal houses and make the entrance to the public, interactive scene.

The seventh house deals with romantic partners, business partners but also open enemies.

The cusp of the Seventh House is also called the Descendant, and, along with its counterpart, the Ascendent, describes in detail the native’s projections in this world, especially in the way he or she interacts with other people. With the Seventh House, we go from “what am I good at?”, to “who am I going to interact with?”. As we are already on the visible side of the zodiac, it means this house also describes public interactions. Indeed, if one would like to find out information about the ideal partner for a certain person, this is where we should look in the first place.

The Seventh House doesn’t deal only with romantic interests, though. It underlies the entire setup for partnerships, in all areas of life: business, even friendships (although the Eleventh House will play a role in friendship as well). The Seventh House, and its cusp, the Descendant, describes what we are looking at after we’re completely formed as an individual.

A well aspected Seventh House will make a native well suited for partnerships, perhaps with long and fulfilling romantic relationships too. A badly aspected Seventh House may indicate problems in this area: inability to adjust to team work, incapacity to have fulfilling love relationships.

A word of caution about enemies. By this term, I understand merely people who are openly confronting us (as opposed to hidden enemies, which are to be found in the Twelfth House). But even this open confrontation can lead to something good, sometimes.

The seventh House is ruled by the planet Venus and the sign Libra.


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