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Sixth House

Mode: Mutable
Ruling planet: Mercury
Ruling sign: Virgo
Governs: health


Sixth house is the house of health, duties and responsibility. It’s also commonly referred as the house of public service, or the service we will provide to others in order to fulfill our basic needs.

It also involves daily tasks, whatever we perceive as chores (or things “imposed” on us) and thoughts.

The Sixth House makes the transition to the upper side of the zodiac, where we will start to interact with the outer world. The first six houses are merely about the native personality per se, not in interaction with another person. But the Sixth House starts the transition to the interactive half of the zodiac and it describes that part of the psyche that deals with providing service to others. If the Fifth House is the house of “how do I enjoy life?”, the Sixth House is the house of “what am I good at?”. Or “how can I function in relation with another one, or the environment?”.

It is not surprising that it is also the house of physical health, because it is closely related to energy consumption. The Sixth House may give information about how fast the native will exhaust its physical resources, how good his heath will be and his propensity for illness, mostly illness related to overworking. It will give important information about how the native’s thoughts (or mental activity, generally speaking) will arise. A well aspected Sixth House will create the potential for a good and rewarding service and a balanced health. A badly aspected Sixth House may create the potential for overworking, bad working environments or fluctuating health.

The sixth House is ruled by the planet Mercury and the sign Virgo.


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