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Tenth House

Mode: Cardinal
Ruling planet: Saturn
Ruling sign: Capricorn
Governs: career


The Tenth House is the house of public honours, what we understand in modern times as “career” and social status. It also involves vocation, prestige and the public eye.

It is also often referred as the house of the Father (or the most authoritarian parent).

Whatever leads the native to “public success”, being it a high paid position or just mere popularity, it will be shown here. The Tenth House is highly regarded as one of the places that will be indicative of a fulfilled life, but I rather tend to disagree. What the Tenth House shows is merely how and if our actions are impacting the society at a bigger level. But it’s perfectly ok to lead a fulfilled and happy life without making a big impact, as many of us already know that.

If the Fourth House, which the Tenth House directly opposes, it’s the place of the roots, the Tenth House is the house of the new beginnings, new establishments, new structures, all in the public eye. The Fourth Home is all about “home” and the feeling of belonging, whereas the Tenth House is about “others” and the feeling of making a (most of the time, positive) impact. The Tenth House is the house of successful social structures and it tells about the native ability to either cope with them in a successful way or build them.

A well aspected Tenth House will most likely lay out the foundation for financial success, or at least public recognition of some sort. A badly aspected Tenth House will not necessarily imply there’s something intrinsically wrong with the native, but rather that his or her public image is not so well polished.

The Tenth House is ruled by the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn.


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