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Third House

Mode: Mutable
Ruling planet: Mercury
Ruling sign: Gemini
Governs: communication


Third house is the house of communication, short travel (one-two days maximum) and close relatives (brothers, sisters). It deals with our ability to relate to others by using primarily the language, in any form (but mostly spoken language).

It also deals with early education, neighbors and the overall concept of intelligence.

If Second House is “what I stand for”, the Third House stands for “how I relate”. It’s still personal, it doesn’t tell anything about the people we find interesting or compatible, but it tells a lot about how we present ourselves to the world.


Whatever planet will find itself in the third house will directly affect how we communicate with our siblings, how we express ourselves with spoken language and the quality of our short trips. In this respect, Third House will also affect our ability to express what we feel or what we think, hence making us more or less connected to the outer world. Through this vehicle we send information and try to receive acknowledgement, but in a very small circle. It’s the circle of close family members, of close relatives, people with whom we interact especially during the first stages of our life.

A good aspected Third House will make the native “good with words” and a reliable family member (in the sense of the enlarged family, the one that comprise all the relatives). A badly affected Third House may make the native emotionally repressed in regard with his family, or in some way estranged, not available, unreachable.

The third House is ruled by the planet Mercury and the sign Gemini.

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