Love Is Not a Sign of Compatibility

This is a guest post by Redmond Ellis

Captivating moments in one’s life is nothing short of spending time with those you love and savoring those moments with the people who return your love.  They are the best memories you can have mainly because of the people who share in your life, however, countless individuals spend time alone and that special person is absent from the pictures.  This could be unsettling for some individuals who believe matters of the heart are essential.  

Having a companion to spend time with is important as it could mean having a life partner to grow old with.  This all depends on finding someone compatible and locating the perfect person can be difficult however, it’s easier using a combability guide.  In global times, you will find a plethora of compatibility generators online in which many are authentic and accurate and numerology is a critical component of pseudoscience. Over time, researchers and math geniuses have come to distinguish relative factors in you and your companion’s compatibility rating.

Compatibility and love

Astrologically speaking, some signs are better suited for one another and others clash like the titans. Knowing which zodiac sign to look for when seeking a partner will help define relationship goals. With that said, let’s look at the different levels of compatibility.   

Date compatibility

When you find a compatible match, it can be thrilling and bring happiness to those who deserve it the most.  Compatibility comes in all forms whether it’s work related, siblings, parents, and even neighbors.  You can take a test to find out if you and your loved ones are destined to be together.  These tests predict the likelihood of success between two people and are surprisingly accurate.  You may be surprised to know that celebrities trust compatibility test for love and for career among other things.

Compatibility analysis are simply reflections of ourselves meaning they forecast the probability of a relationship working out or failing based on several astrological factors such as birthdate, time and place of birth and even the position of the stars at the time of your birth along with your partner’s birth information.  Relationship compatibility tests or compatibility calculators report significant details about love and marriage.   

Love compatibility

Love compatibility test between you and your partner shows how agreeable the two of you are. A cosmic compatibility evaluation recognizes if the one you’re dating has the qualities and behaviors necessary to form a joyful combination or if there will be hardships.  In addition, it will reveal the areas in which to improve to make a lasting relationship. Chemistry is extremely vital but equally important as intensity, compassion, and affection.  

If the rapport between the partners indicate a love connection, then chances of a lasting relationship are greater.  In instances where one mark is greater than the other, much work could be needed to build a solid foundation.  Analyzing the relationship could benefit the relationship and save the couple from a disastrous marriage.  

Sexual compatibility

Celibacy is common among individuals exercising discipline and waiting until marriage to seal the marriage ceremony.  While sexual compatibility is crucial for a naughtydate and love relationships to work, not all couples believe in sex before marriage. In no way should you rely solely on a chemistry analysis to determine whether you are suited for a zodiac sign, however, it helps to weed out any potential difficulties.  

Some signs are naturally attracted to each other although, it’s not difficult to understand why.  Humans tend to want partners in pursuit of the same dreams, ideals and goals. The best matches for Aries zodiac sign are Scorpio, Leo, Gemini and Libra.  Receiving support from the ones you love validates that you are making the right choices.  These are often deal makers or deal breakers.  Since we are a generation of immediate results, it may be time to step up your game.

Another suggestion is a sexual astrology or romantic match analysis.  How catastrophic if a married couple was not compatible in bed.  If the sexual and love compatibility levels among a woman and a man are low the suggestion is not to unite before making the decision to iron out differences before making a lifetime commitment.  

Marriage compatibility

Are you and your partner suited for each other? Statistics prove marriages last longer if the spouses are compatible.  The connection between the two could be one which is divine and therefore, people confess those marriages are made in heaven.  Each zodiac sign own character traits that are natural or common to a specific date of birth.  These interpretations are used in compatibility tests to determine a couple’s compatibleness.  

The recipe for a harmonious union consist of many ingredients and personality traits.  On the same note, if the sun signs are ill-matched, the probability of a long-term relationship becomes slim to none. Because of this, numerology and astrological experts recommend couples take advantage of a marriage compatibility test before deciding to jump the broom. This is one test that is completely painless and often, free of charge.


The feeling of falling in love is wonderful, butterflies and all, but the enchantment could diminish once the clouds darken.  To avoid deflation, you will need more than hugs and kisses to sustain a meaningful relationship.  The characteristics seen in couples in the best of times endure troubled waters because of a concrete foundation and a genuine love for each other.  

Relationships work because of identical or similar characteristics and those are best found in likeminded individuals or compatible souls. Healthy relationships survive storms that were meant to disrupt and destroy.