What Can a Compatibility Analysis Teach You?

If you should find a couple who has been happily married for twenty-five or thirty years and more, you have found a couple who understands the principal behind marriage and commitment.  Our grandparents knew what it took to make a marriage work but that’s not to say they didn’t have difficulties as no person is perfect. In early times, compatibility wasn’t even an issue as couples were put together based on social standing and it was more of a business relationship than a marriage out of love.  

Why get a compatibility analysis?

Nowadays, we have a choice in who we want to spend the rest of our lives with especially with online dating being so popular but finding someone who is truly compatible is challenging.  Your sun sign provides information about how you interact with others.  But did you know you can learn a lot about your love interest using a zodiac compatibility analysis?

Having insight about your partner’s inner workings will help smooth relationships and you’ll find out what makes him or her tick and what’s turns them off.  Understanding is one of the keys to most successful unions.  Marrying someone who isn’t in tune with your life goals could be a huge mistake.  If your partner doesn’t share in your values, there could be irreconcilable differences in the future.

Although astrology should not be a basis or a deciding factor on your choice for a life partner, it will provide awareness regarding your partner’s characteristics. And while, there may be differences, it is possible for two people in love to work matters out but you must know and understand what they are.  Look at some of the questions or concerns most couples have:

I want a commitment, but my partner does not

Some zodiac signs fall under this category of not being able to commit while others live for it. Some people under certain zodiac signs are free spirits and the idea of a lifetime commitment scares them off.  Are you in a relationship with someone like this?  Ignoring these signs could be the death of your relationship.  

With a compatibility analysis, you will find out the commonalities of two zodiac signs and their differences.  Two people who are willing to work through a troubled relationship can if they work toward it by compromising.  By learning the weak areas in the relationship, two people strengthen their bond.

The individuals that work through their problems develop character strength and at the same time, the relationship flourishes.  It could be as simple as learning to communicate effectively. On the other hand, not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. People come into our lives to teach us a lesson and once we have learned that lesson, it’s time to move on.  With that said, try not to beat yourself about the relationships that don’t pan out the way you hoped.     

Does he love me like he says he does?

Since one partner may find it difficult to share their thoughts and feelings, you may wonder if that partner really cares the way they say they do.  You can usually judge how a person truly feels by their actions.  Don’t put so much importance on words if their actions show you everything you need to know about the level your relationship is on.  Although it’s nice to hear that he or she loves you, it’s more important that they show than tell.  At the same token, it takes more than love to make a successful and healthy relationship progress into a lifetime of memories.

Intimate Relationships

One thing that is certain and that is betrayal can be a deal breaker in almost any relationship.  Forgiveness doesn’t come instantly in all cases as again, not every relationship was meant to last.  We dream of having a relationship that is honest and safe, but not all the time does it work out that way.  Accepting someone for who they are is sometimes easier said than done even in our closest friends or relatives but especially when dealing with a contrary sun sign.  

In the arms of those we love, it’s natural that we look for acceptance, loyalty and safety. We value those relationships, but more often, we are hurt by the people we love.  The connections we make with compatible sun signs make us feel happy and we take comfort knowing they will be there in troubled times.  

Having the ability to talk to one another and work through any rough patches only comes through communication.  Some zodiac signs are open to their emotional side while others are not comfortable with discussions relating to their feelings.  Studying which zodiac signs are free to share their inner thoughts will help to understand their nature.  When one partner is closed to communicating, it can compound problems.  


What can a compatibility analysis teach me? By completing a compatibility study, you can compare two zodiac signs to get a clearer understanding of your partner, co-worker or child even.  Having a new perspective, you will better be able to work with them or get along with your child. In addition, you will learn these points –

  • How the other person thinks
  • What turns them on/off
  • If they prefer to work alone or in teams
  • How they deal with stress or pain
  • How they view the world
  • Their challenges or weaknesses
  • How to win them over
  • Their positive qualities

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