Venus – Pluto In Synastry

Whenever any of these two planets are touching each other in a synastry (a combined chart of two people) something very powerful happens.

Pluto is concentrated energy, pure focus, ruthless action beyond control, obsession, destruction and reconstruction.

Venus is charm, grace  and beauty. It’s social interaction and the outlet for love. It’s purity and blessed union.

Now, combine these two concepts and you get one of the most “fated” and “trapped into” relationships you’ll ever have. This is deeper than Mars – Venus synastry contacts.

The bond is felt like something beyond your control, and, especially in the beginning of the relationship, this might be frightening. First, you feel this unspeakable attraction towards the person in front of you and you’re drawn to that person like a moth to flame. You surrender. And start interacting, talking and, from the first words, you feel like there was something meant to be. Things usually evolve very fast and, before you even realize what’s happening to you, you wake up one morning with an obsessive, compulsive and oh, so incredibly beautiful and intense relationship. You feel the depth of what’s lying in front of you and, scared, you try to run. Alas, it’s not possible. It really isn’t. You’re stuck.

And for a good reason: Pluto-Venus relationships are not meant to be avoided. They are meant to be lived, consumed down to your last living cell. The “infection” of Pluto in your being is unstoppable. So, usually, the person who “is” Pluto in this combination calls the shots. But, mind you, if there’s enough of emotional maturity, Venus can subtly undermine Pluto position and put him through some tough tests too, if not driving him totally crazy. But, most of the time, it’s the Pluto person who holds the power.

Pluto wants to “merge” with Venus, wants to transform her from the core, wants to burn down all of her charms and rejoice in the flames. And then he wants to rebuild Venus from the ashes, just to be able to start over again. In a way, this is exactly what’s happening, especially if there are other hard aspects in the synastry, or if one, or both of the partners are not very mature or aware. Sooner or later they’ll slip into a gigantic emotional roller-coaster, in which the need to be with one another is simply irrepressible, and they’ll start spinning until they – metaphorically – die. Which usually translates into some kind of rupture or separation. If the “garbage” that needs to be cleaned up by Pluto was cleaned, the rupture is for good. If not, the two zombies will meet again, in a hypnotic dance of love and hate, until the roller–coaster will throw them down again, tired, bruised and completely transformed.

Pluto-Venus aspects are not about durability, you need some serious Saturn in the synastry in order to make it last. Pluto-Venus is about explosion, is about deep transformation and rebirth. Now, if you are fortunate enough to have some Saturn aspects as well in the chart, like Saturn on the Ascendant in the Composite (which will make the relationship very self-contained), or, even better, some smooth Venus-Saturn interaspects in the syanstry, then you’re in for a real treat. Not only you’ll experience the intensity of the Pluto-Venus dance, but you will have and enduring relationship. Meaning that each crisis will push you higher and higher. The potential for evolution in this combination is enormous. Yes, there will be a roller coaster, but with each deadly spin you’ll evolve into something bigger or better, AND, you will do this together – Saturn will take care about that. And will take about that for a long time.

Now, a little bit about jealousy and possessiveness. Yes, these are real dangers in a Venus – Pluto relationship. The Pluto person being the one experiencing them, and in a very nasty manner.The slightest sign of independence from the part of the Venus person is often misinterpreted as a sign of ending the relationship. Pluto is intense and he wants it all or nothing, now or never. Venus is sociable, and a smile is just a smile. But for Pluto, seeing the Venus person smiling to another one, feels like a stab in the back. And that makes them feel powerless, defeated, deserted. Of course, they’re not, Venus is still their prisoner, but that’s how Pluto feels. So, they start to reconquer the lost ground.

And one of the most common approaches to yield back their power is withdrawal. The Pluto persons, once they know how deep they are in the other partner, start to slowly withdraw, to become unavailable. It’s not that they don’t want to merge anymore with Venus. On the contrary, they want it so much and so deep that’s almost unspeakable. But they want to do it exclusively. They want to draw Venus in their territory, to lure her into their dark house, to consume her in their bed up to the last bit of flesh and bones. So, they start this game of “catch-me-if-you-can” which can be tempting and exciting for a while, but, as all Plutonian things, it will not be only for a while. It will be taken to extremes. That’s where things can get nasty. If Venus is not mature enough, she could either be emotionally imprisoned by Pluto, or she could run away, leaving Pluto crying in an ocean of misery. Either way, if there’s not enough emotional maturity involved, it could end bad.

And then, there’s the sex. Violent, total, tantric sex. The Pluto person will be the one surprised initially. The energies aroused in him / her by the Venus person are almost uncontainable. Pluto needs to have sex with Venus, no matter what, period. And it will be the kind of sex you will remember in 20 years, still trembling with pleasure.

So, that’s what usually happens when there is only a one way aspect, one person is only Pluto and the other one is only Venus.

But what happens when we have a “double-whammy”, meaning the partners are taking turns? The A person Pluto forms an aspect to the B person Venus, but the B person Pluto also aspects the A person Venus.

Well, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that, eventually, there will be a little bit of a balance here. The partners will take turns in calling the shots. There will be some sort of a power split between them. The bad news is that it will take some time until this balance is reached. And, usually, this will be a very ugly time: power games, mind games, manipulation, obsession, jealousy, everything will be used, because now there are two Pluto in the field. You can easily imagine how this adds up to the intensity of the relationship. It’s one of those relationships that are changing your life from the roots: you meet with a friend you haven’t seen in a year and he doesn’t recognize you anymore. You’ve been through a double-whammy Venus – Pluto relationship and now you’re literally a different person.

The cleanse that Pluto exerts is necessary. Pluto is “the garbage man”, it takes out what’s not needed anymore and strips it away from you. The problem is that it does this with absolutely no manners. He doesn’t know what manners are, he just does his job. At the end of the power clash, you will feel so much more powerful than in the beginning. And, again, if you are lucky enough to have some Saturn there, you will enjoy a very rewarding partnership, for a long time.

Note: the violent games are taking place when there are hard aspects: conjunction or opposition. The square is particularly prone to increased tension (both in the attraction and rejection areas). With the trine and sextile, the flow is more manageable, and that usually indicates that one or both of the partners are realistically aware and able to cope maturely with the situation.

Retrograde Venus In Natal Chart

Retrograde Venus in a natal chart can create real problems. I know that from experience: it happens that my natal Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. And, to make things even more interesting, it sits in my tenth house. But we’ll get back to that later.

If you read the description of Venus from this site, you know already this:

In astrology, Venus represents the love, pure and simple, refinement, the tendency to indulge. In a natal chart, Venus shows how we approach relationships, generally speaking, as well as what gives as pleasure.

Well, when all this goes retrograde (read: “twisted, deepened, karmic tainted”) things can go several ways.

The first, and the most popular interpretation, is that Venus carries on karmic lessons about misunderstood love. The native had a hard time experiencing love, which, again, could manifested in various forms. It may be that he or she was hurt too much and, in time, grew some protection walls, some self-defense mechanisms which, in order to avoid wounds, prevented love in its entirety to reach in. These are the shy, the fearful, the people who are running away at the first sign of intimacy, or at the smallest request for commitment. They’re often mistaken as being emotionally amputated, when, in fact, they long for emotional closeness, only the wounds they still carry are not yet healed. Among them, though, there are some which are actually emotionally cold. Their “feeling reserves” drained out, their inner emotional field is a desert. These are usually people who are not afraid of intimacy, but who are also not capable of giving anything back at the emotional level. They relate, but in a cold, flat way. Again, it’s not that they don’t want to relate emotionally, but their retrograde Venus indicate a karmic baggage that completely consumed them in another life.

The second interpretation is that people who have Venus retrograde abused love, one way or another. They either created strong attachments, or took advantage of their partners somehow. Either way, their love was mixed up with some use and abuse of the other person. These natives usually go from failed relationship to failed relationship, in an unconscious attempt to relive and to solve their internal problem. Very often,  they’re subject to direct abuse in public, in one form of another.

Another manifestation of retrograde Venus is what we usually cal low self-esteem. Because of their inability to understand and internalize love, these natives not only show signs of coldness towards other people, but also towards themselves. Remember that retrograde Venus tells a story about love, about passion, so natives with this sign usually carry a beautiful posture, they’re good looking. But if you ask them how they feel about themselves they’ll blow you away with their insecurity and bad self-opinion. If there’s a strong hit from Saturn, problems can transform in real psychological traumas and natives usually need therapy, or some sort of constant healing activity.

Overcoming Retrograde Venus Effects

Ok, I know this sounds pretty scary, and, to some extent, believe me, it really is. But every problem has a solution. Or, how some friend of mine used to say: I don’t see problems, only lessons. So, how could one understand retrograde Venus’ lesson and how can we minimize its painful effects?

First of all, if you know you have Venus retrograde in your chart please create this habit: whenever you enter into a relationship, try to breathe first for 5 seconds. I’m kidding, but I guess you got my point. The idea is that every relationship is a lesson for you, more than it is for other people. And, for that, you should be at least very aware (if not circumspect) of what are you going to embrace. Or, in other words, make sure you have more awareness directed towards your relationships than you usually do.

Second, try to surround yourself with beauty. And I mean it. Even if you don’t understand art (chances are, with a retrograde Venus, that you really don’t) surround yourself with nice objects. Read on about matching colors, about proportions, try to create a balanced space. You’re far more affected than other persons by the lack of (or the excess of, for what matters) beauty around you.

Third, learn to accept. Among all soft spots we have, love is the most sensitive and that’s where you have to take some hits. Growing a thick skin is not an option here, on the contrary. And this process will be rather painful. But one thing that will really help you go through it with minimum loss will be acceptance: prepare yourself for anything, don’t make plans, don’t create attachments, let go of the things or persons that don’t really matter in your life, no matter how hard it will look in the first few days.

Retrograde Venus In Scorpio, Tenth House

As I said, my own testimonial about retrograde Venus in Scorpio, in the Tenth house. I know gazillions of people. I really do. But I seldom get intimate with any of them. I’m socially aware, but I don’t like being in the public spot. Although I’m an entrepreneur for more than 14 years now, I always had a hard time asking for money in exchange of my work. I know, it sounds incredible, but believe me, that’s how it is.

On the personal level I entered too hastily in many relationship, some of which became really painful really soon. But, somehow, each and every one of these relationships proved to be useful to me. Not pleasant, but useful. They helped me become a better partner.

And when it comes to love, I can confirm: yes, Venus in Scorpio means love is actually on the same level with obsession for me. Now, I’ve said it. 🙂



Uranus Transit Conjunct Moon

Uranus is the planet of violent renewal, of revolutions and disruptions. When it hits the natal Moon, which is the center of emotions, the unconscious core of our beings, interesting things will happen.

The keyword is emotional upheaval. The deeper meaning is a profound emotional cleanse that will take place, with or without our consent. The entire emotion apparatus will be changed from the roots, outdated structures will be updated and, in the process, some serious noise will be generated. That may include, but not be limited to:

  • sudden change of moods
  • separation issues
  • attachment issues
  • violent enthusiasm followed by deep depression
  • more visibility in the public eye
  • a sense of rush and impatience

If you’re a man, be very careful at women during this transit. You may attract unusual partners, females that seem so uncontrollably attractive, surrounded by an electric aura, yet somehow unavailable. If there is a relation, then it will be incredibly intense and… short. Some of the relationships born under these circumstances may last, but, most of the time, they don’t. They’re created as tools, as ways to modify some of the calcified emotional responses, which are not useful anymore in our lives.

These transits are rather long, expect at least one or two years. Uranus will pass back and forth over the Moon several times and, as the transit deepens, the effects will be more powerful. As the final pass arrives, many of the lessons should be learned, so, expect a mixed feeling of fatigue and relief. Both being some of the general characteristics of a Uranus transit.

From personal experience, I can tell that this transit is rather upsetting. If you’re the stubborn type, or if you want to know your wardrobe is in good order, expect some unpleasant rubbing. The more clinging you express, the more unpleasant the transit will fell. If you can gather the strength and detachment to let things be, there will be enormous potential for revival and renewal. I found out that small rituals during the day are very helpful, creating anchor points that help me grounding when the tide is too strong.

Retrograde Mercury

Mercury represents intelligence, thoughts, mind activity. It also deals with money, commerce and travel. When retrograde, interesting things happens…

Many people think retrogradation is something dangerous. Even ancient astrology still states pretty often that retrogradation is a state of aggression and peril. In my experience, this is not true. In fact, in my experience, retrogradation performed mostly like an amplifier than a road-block. Even in my natal chart, where I have 2 retrograde planets (Venus and Saturn) this proved to be true. I’m not a social animal, but I am exposed to a lot of new social experiences, and I am not a humble and sad person, but I do like tests and challenges. My Venus is just different but also powerful, and so is my Saturn.

When retrograde, Mercury creates a space for innovation. Ideas, intuitions sudden “a-ha” moments are favored during this interval. But regular activities, the types that goes from point A to point B are not likely to happen smoothly. Mercury energies are turned inside, they are not supporting outside, connecting activities. During retrograde Mercury I had the most unusual, yet productive ideas in my entire life, but also went over most of my deadlines.

Money is another delicate topic during a retrograde Mercury. You can’t really have it. Even if you do have constant access to enough money this retrogradation will bring some limitations. It’s like Mercury puts a hold on your money in order to think how it can create more. I felt a constant shortage sensation during retrograde Mercury although I didn’t really have any financial problem. Starting projects is another great activity during a retrograde Mercury. In fact, this blog was started exactly on a retrograde Mercury interval and I’m sure it shows. I’m sure it will be a useful blog for anybody interested in astrology or alternative perspectives, but I’m also sure it will take some time to get there. There is always a pretty important danger of mistake when Mercury is going backwards.

Things To Avoid On A Retrograde Mercury

Although it’s not an exhaustive list, here are some of the things I usually avoid when Mercury is retrograde:  
excessive thinking
dealing closely with money problems, budgeting
signing contracts
selling or buying important assets
starting important new relationships

Things To Do On A Retrograde Mercury

evaluating past projects
artistic and fun activities
drafting plans
jotting ideas and brainstorming

Retrograde Saturn

Many people misunderstand Saturn. Traditional astrology used this good / bad planet dichotomy in order to describe planets and somehow, this dichotomy passed to modern astrologers too. Nothing is good or bad in itself. Everything is a function of your consciousness.

Among all the bad planets, Saturn has the reputation of being the worse. If Saturn has bad aspects in a chart, the regular interpretation is that that person will have a very difficult life. Wrong again. Difficult or easy are again functions of consciousness.

Retrograde Saturn In Taurus

In my natal chart, I have a retrograde Saturn in Taurus, in the 4th House. There is also an opposition aspect between my Saturn, and a stellium formed by Sun, Venus and Jupiter, in the 10th House in Scorpio. And my Ascendant is Capricorn, which will make Saturn the ruler of the chart.

Almost every astrological interpretation told me something really bad about this aspect. Sadness, melancholy, difficult tasks and inhibitions. Most of them were accurate, but at a potential level. I admit I had some inhibitions and also some very difficult tests during my life. But I don’t think I’m the only one. Everybody have those at some point.

Since I learned astrology, several years ago, I focused a lot on my natal chart, trying to learn as much as I can. And slowly, I started to take some distance from the established astrological interpretations and start my own, based on my own personal experience.

Saturn in Taurus is an extremely careful observer of your general wealth. Even since I was out of high school I was very dedicate to work. I had this need of being on my own, independent. I started to work from the first day I was out of home, while doing my studies. I was disciplined and ambitious in work. Slowly, in the last 20 years, I accumulated far more than I ever imagined.

During this period, I was rather melancholic and modest. Although I had some money, I was always shy in spending it. I also had difficult time to adjust to a wealthier lifestyle: a new house, a new, luxury car, etc. But I did it. So, the interpretation is: you may feel it will be difficult to acquire wealth and financial security (Saturn inhibitions), but if you stick to it (Saturn tenacity) you’ll do it extremely well (Saturn, the reward maker).

That is something that worth a second look: Saturn – the reward maker. A lot of astrologers are thinking at Saturn as the test maker, which is of course true. But they are ignoring this side, which is also part of it: the reward maker. if you passed the test, you’ll receive a reward, right. In this regard, Saturn is by far the best thing that can happen to you. It’s not the jovial expansion of Jupiter, nor the energy of Mars or the luxury of Venus. It’s plain good stuff, constant and solid. You just have to pass the tests.

Retrograde Saturn In 4th House

4ht House is associated with roots, parents and family (in the sense of older members of it). Having a Saturn there was a difficult situation, especially when I was a child. I always had this feeling of not being loved, of being ignored or having too many restrictions. It was not a feeling, it was a reality.

I had a difficult teenage period, far more difficult than any other teenage (now I’m complaining, and making it bigger than it was, another Saturn effect 🙂 ). But it served me well. I developed a sense of inner stability and independence. Another aspect in my chart favored the choice of unfit partners in my love affairs. It was a karmic aspect, something that I expected to do in this lifetime. Every love affair I was involved in had a deceptive aspect, usually extremely powerful.

Saturn in the 4th house made it easy for me to find inner stability. After each of these experiences I grew up stronger and wiser. I can even have glimpse of the current development of any potential relationship, thanks to the experience transcended by Saturn. I can predict that I am attracted to trouble makers and I know how to avoid that. And I can also spot fruitful relationships and pursue them, but with the sense of discretion and diplomacy that Saturn imposes.

It was hurtful? Yes, it was, and sometime still is. But I have the power to endure and to learn. I am grateful that I was exposed to such difficult experiences because out of those experiences are coming my best life lessons.

Pluto Transits

One of the most fascinating planets, at least for me, is Pluto. Ruler of decay and rebirth, master of my solar sign (Scorpio, that is) and one of the most powerful change agents in the Universe. Whenever Pluto hits a spot in your life, that spot won’t be the same again. Everything it touches, it transforms. Most of the time, we perceive the transformation as hurtful and traumatic, but in fact is the old skin of the snake which hurts, not the new us.

Here are some examples of what Pluto can make when it transits certain specific spots in your horoscope.

Pluto Conjunct Natal Sun

You will not be the same person again. You will undergo a brutal process of transformation which, for the vast majority of time, will seem out of your control. And that will be true, because Pluto is beyond control. You will be placed in violent circumstance which will demand huge efforts of adaptation from your part. Depending on the house in which this aspect take place, things will look different. I’ll give you my example.

My transiting Pluto made a conjunction with my natal Sun on December 16 1989, in the 10th house. For those of you who are not very good at modern history, that was the first day of the Romanian Revolution. At that time I was a soldier in the Romanian Army, with only 2 months of training. In Timisoara, the city were my unit was located, there were manifestations on the street. Some of my army colleagues were receiving orders to open fire against the insurgents.

I had the chance to be confined for 5 days in an ammunition depot (hence not being forced to go outside, in the city, and face stupid orders I wouldn’t follow anyway). There were days of chaos and confusion. I didn’t sleep for the entire period I spent in the ammunition depot, that would be more than 100 hours. After that, I wasn’t the same person as before.

As for my physical body, it was the worst experience I had so far. After I finished my 5 days shift I went to the infirmary and the moment he saw me, the doctor gave me a glass full of pills and took me out of the service immediately. Can’t remember what he said to me, but I went to sleep, after 5 nights spent in the wild. When I woke up, I took my riffle and went back to the service. I was totally refreshed, like a baby. I avoided the doctor and went straight to my outpost.

The change was brutal and violent. There was no escape from it and I had to face it. Of course, at that time I had no idea whatsoever why this is happening to me. I had no knowledge about astrology or things like that. All I was able to do was to create a survival strategy. And this is often what Pluto does: inserts into your life elements of such power and endurance, that you wouldn’t think you were capable of before that. I was mentally prepared to face a civil war for several months. In a few weeks, the violent events came to and end. In less than 3 months I was back home, relieved from service.

On a conjunction with your natal Sun, a transiting Pluto will bring you fantastic energy resources but it will strain you beyond imagination.

Pluto Conjunct Natal Neptune

This is a time when your sense of reality is drastically amended. If you are doing something you shouldn’t do, like having shallow relationships , for instance, Pluto will give you something you could barely keep up with. For me, the transit took place around 1996, during the fall, in the eleventh house. At that time, I was floating around in a group of friends who weren’t the best choice I could make (to say the least). I was also quite inconstant in my romantic relationships.

During this period I met a person who changed my life completely, in a very violent way. First, she – yes, it was about a she – took me away from the group of friends I was hanging around with and moved together. Second, we had a child together, my first son. The relationship started incredibly well – the romance of Neptune was extremely strong – I was sure I was finally on the right track with my personal life.

But soon after she was pregnant I was hit with a bunch of incredible lies (the other part of Neptune, the deceptive one). Her parents were apparently not dead in an accident, as she was telling me for months, and she was just running away from home. Her father died while we were together, he was ill for years. When the moment of the birth approached I wanted to get married and even did all the administrative stuff. Only she wasn’t ready to go there yet. Years after, I was finally able to understand that the relation wasn’t something to build on, but something which was first meant to destroy my current lifestyle. So, nothing really constructive, apart from our child together.

Soon after the child was born, we decided to break up. It was again a one way decision, coming from her. 3-4 years later I endured a fantastic pressure: nothing seemed to be right or settled. She was making phone call to accuse me of everything, 4-5 times per day. I was still considered guilty for everything she was living. During this period she almost seemed possessed. And, in a very subtle way, she was: Pluto was working deep down.

At some point, I decided to see if we could be together. That was the moment when I finally started to put the work of Pluto to the good. It turned out, after spending one and a half year together, that we simply weren’t made for each other, and all that we endured was a lesson. Once learned, I was able to move on.

When you don’t do things right, Pluto can attract into your life people who are going to force you to do the right thing. It might be that you think you don’t deserve it, but believe me, you will.


Looking back at all those experiences, I can clearly see that behind every stressful aspect it was a deep desire to change and grow. Whenever I resisted growth, out of fear or indecision, the pressure increased. The more I resisted, the more pressure I got.

On a funny note, right now Pluto is going through my twelfth house, the house of isolation, karmic connections and retreat. During this period not only I isolated myself more than in any other period of my life, but I did encounter a lot of karmic connections, one of them being my wife. A lot of stuff come out in the light and every time I let it reach to the light, something good happened.

And I’m pretty sure this very article has something to do with digging up in the past and see what do I have to learn from it. Pluto is working, revealing everything that’s hidden. 🙂