Personal Astrology Readings: How they Can Help You with Your Relationship Goals

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Astrology is an exceptional tool for self-discovery that is still making waves nowadays; in a society that is ruled by technological advancements. You can say that at first, the pieces of the puzzle may seem like a, say, bad fit. But if you stick to your personal astrology readings, it may come to the point that it “clicks” and everything pretty much makes sense. This is the reason why many turn to them before making a life-changing or important decision regarding their career, finances, and relationships, among others. If you are contemplating of turning to personal astrology readings—particularly through relationship compatibility astrology—to help you with relationship goals and other similar matters, then you came to the right place because you can say that this article is just what the doctor ordered for you. It contains essential information about what you can expect from them and how their conclusions are achieved.

Image source: Pixabay

At a glance

Relationship compatibility astrology is ideal for romance, family interactions, business dealings, and the likes. It is important to note that every relationship—no matter how simple or complicated they are—have points of harmony as well as conflict and this particular branch of astrology plays a key role in understanding its dynamics more effectively and efficiently.

Two different levels

Relationship compatibility astrology has two levels: synastry relationship compatibility and full composite relationship compatibility.

  • Synastry relationship compatibility

Synastry relationship compatibility basically scrutinizes the natal charts of two or more individuals to check them for challenges, talents, behavior patterns, currency cycles, and many others. In general, those who are new to a certain relationship go for this option and it is the most prescribed method for family accords as well as business dealings.

  • Full composite relationship compatibility

In simple words, full composite relationship compatibility includes all of the factors that are involved in synastry consultation The said chart pretty much merges the two individuals into one, to somehow enable them to see the purpose of their bond as they move on as a couple. If you choose this method, it can help you have a clear picture of the world as an integrated couple. It is important to note that this is ideal if you are looking at a long-term relationship because it helps you understand what theunion is all about.

What is the design of relationship compatibility astrology?

Relationship compatibility astrology is specifically designed to address the following:

  • Understand the potential of your current relationship
  • Determine the personality of your partner
  • Determine your own personality
  • Bring out and solve your usual relationship problems
  • Help you become more attractive to your partner
  • Explore your exceptional personality and your partner’s as well
  • Examine your relationship together (this involves sexual attraction)
  • Tap the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your compatibility
  • Learn the pitfalls of your relationship
  • Boost your sexual connection

Below is a more detailed explanation of some of the key points that were elaborated above.

  • Understand your relationship

Here, the relationship compatibility astrology reader will scrutinize your relationship to find out how well you and your partner complement each in various areas. This is important because love alone is not a sign of compatibility. In the process, he/may may examine both the smooth and rough “edges” of your relationship and utilize the scores to zero-in the strong as well as weak points.

  • Understand yourself

Despite how easy it may look, many of us don’t understand ourselves that much. In fact, it’s sometimes more difficult to find out what we want and what we need from our partner. This makes recognizing our right partner harder.

  • Understand your partner

Pretty much similar to the process on you, but typically filled with more surprises; here, your relationship compatibility astrology reader may focus on the prerequisites that need to be met for you to be emotionally fulfilled and more. In addition to this, he/she may focus on the layers of your personality and your partner’s and what the two of you need to understand for you to become deeply and passionately connect with each other. In line with these, the following questions are answered: How does your partner view you? How does your partner view your relationship? What motivates him/her? What attracts him/her the most?

Signs’ Elements

Aside from the abovementioned factors, your relationship compatibility astrology reader may also consider the zodiac signs that are associated with one of the four major elements, which are earth, fire, water, and air. Each of the mentioned elements lend certain attributes. For instance, earth signs are most likely grounded, fire signs are more passionate, water signs are exceptionally emotional, and air signs are extraordinarily intellectual.

At a closer look, air and fire signs work seamlessly together. Just as wind can play a key role in spreading flames; those who possess the mentioned signs can pave the way to passionate feelings as well as soaring ideas for each other. Earth as well as water signs are also ideal matches; just as water cultivate the earth, these two can share a supportive and nurturing bond that is unlike any other. Putting all the abovementioned factors into consideration, if your different planets complement that of your partner, then the chances are: you’re into a long and fruitful relationship.


If you are seriously contemplating of participating in relationship compatibility astrology reading, then you may find the contents of this article quite helpful. Also, it is important to note that while many readers do not require both partners to have a reading, it is essential if you would seek permission from your partner as well since it is more on a matter of ethics. Furthermore, it is important to be reminded that this is not only for starting a new romance or improving existing one; in fact, some clients indulge in it before going through a divorce or simply trying to move on. Lastly, relationship compatibility astrology reading, in addition to intimate relationships, can also be used to uplift employee-employer dealings, business partnerships, and the likes.

How about you? Do you have a relationship compatibility reading success story that you want to share? Do you have a reader that you want to recommend? Share us your thoughts by filling up or comments section.

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