Jupiter in Aquarius


In Aquarius, Jupiter makes for an eccentric, progress-oriented, but also weird behavior.

The excess of Aquarian continuous renewal and innovation can make the native look “alien”, from another world, or just difficult to fit into established patterns. The native exudes a viral optimism and he / she acts like “everything is going to be all right” even in times of crises. It’s not always all right, obviously, but even when they get a punch or two they tend to recover faster and not many scars are left. Typically, their career is made of many unrelated fields of work and they have a hard time staying in the same position more than a couple of years. Luckily, they also possess a real ability to adjust and adapt, which makes them feel comfortable even in the weirdest environments.

When they do manage to keep the same job for many years, they have a hard time adjusting or adapting to a fixed routine, and they’re involved in many seemingly unrelated projects at the same time. They can consume and master vast amounts of information and feel comfortable in all that is related to research and development. In traditional settings they may feel inhibited and tend to push the limits of the social structure, sometimes beyond the current status-quo, which gives them quite a reputation. Hard to ignore, but also difficult to relate to, they are the “mad geniuses” that can push any discipline into new territories.

One of the problems that may arise from this placement is the inability to cope with social norms, pushing the natives in seclusion.