Jupiter In Cancer


In Cancer, Jupiter makes for a protective, reliable but maybe too emotional approach.

People with this placement are nurturing, caring and very sensitive. They’re usually supporting from behind their friends or family members and take this duty very seriously. Sometimes they get too attached to traditional values and have a difficult time to adjust to the new.

They’re especially good parents but they tend to get over-protective. Their emotions run deep, but not on the roller-coaster side: they have a depth of feelings and an astute, yet profound view on things, that you won’t find in any other placement of Jupiter. Being correct is paramount and they stand up fiercely for their beliefs.

Some of the risks of this placement are the tendency to go over board with protecting the loved ones and, sometimes, the inability to let go. Even they don’t get blinded by their emotions, they tend to have a difficult time when things are getting too close to their objects – or persons – of desire. Neediness and clinginess may become issues if they don’t practice detachment on a regular basis.