Jupiter in Capricorn


In Capricorn, Jupiter makes for a stable, yet somehow slow companion.

People with this placement experience growth over long periods of time, at slower paces, but consistently. There is a somehow contained feeling, like the growth could be faster, or more spectacular, and at times the native may feel restricted, or like he or she “can’t get it all”. This happens because growth is not happening chaotically, but in the structured, cold ways of Capricorn. Natives with Jupiter in Capricorn feel comfortable in areas related to large land matters (real estate, agriculture, forests), or very big corporations, where they can prove to be key characters, helping the structure grow steadily.

They usually experience abundance on all levels, but it comes slow and most of the time in the second part of life. Work revolves around the need to be “right”, or to fill in a certain values set. Ethics is very important, and involvement in large scale legal matters can manifest, either as lawsuits against corporate rules (or defending large corporations, if adversely aspected) or in reforming the law itself. Health is usually very good and they enjoy a relatively stable and long life – if other aspects won’t intervene.

One of the problems that may arise from this placement is clinging to outdated or restrictive mindsets. Excessive stubbornness and pride can also be around.