Jupiter In Leo


In Leo, Jupiter makes for a courageous, optimist but sometimes exaggerated approach.

People with this placement are usually very visible, they are subject to popularity, whether they like it or not. More often than not they’re pushed to leadership positions. If affected, Jupiter in Leo can make these leaders a bit manipulative and a clinging to power may be present.

They’re supportive but they can easily swing between being overwhelming and suffocating to being careless and very into their “own head”. Sometimes they’re perceived as selfish and dictatorial, but in their essence they’re not. They have an innate sense of justice that is true, but they usually try to impose it on people, by being hasty and not taking into account all the other parties opinions.

Some of the risks of this placement are the abuse of power, the tendency to ignore other people’s opinions and to create a field of isolation around an image of popularity. If affected, Jupiter here can create constant feelings of depression and inadequacy.