Jupiter in Pisces


In Pisces, Jupiter makes for a charismatic, yet very fluid and somehow unpredictable behavior.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces incorporates all the previous lessons of the other signs, which makes it blend easily seemingly unrelated, or even antagonistic characteristics, into one, big formless lump. Jupiter amplifies this tendency, going overboard at times. The result is a highly charismatic person, but not a very reliable one. If badly aspected, Jupiter in Pisces can indeed be found in the charts of big deceivers, crooks or liars, but even if there isn’t any bad aspect, natives tend to take easily any side and feel comfortable in any position, regardless of the consequences. They also tend to blend uncontrollably with their environment, regardless if they are welcome or not.

There is an intrinsic tension between Jupiter’s justiciar approach, and Psices, Neptunian “cosmic” ethics, which can’t be bothered with mundane limits. If native is indeed found in the justiciar or church territory, he is more often than not a controversial, yet highly praised individual. The others “feel” he is wanting to do the right thing, yet not always he or she succeeds in doing so. When there is balance between these two tendencies, Jupiter in Pisces generates influential religious leaders, or highly respected justice men (inside or outside the standard judicial system).

One of the problems that may arise to natives with this placement is the tendency to take justice in their own hands, wether or not the result of this action will match the secular laws.