Jupiter In Sagittarius


In Sagittarius, Jupiter makes for an adventurous, sometimes reckless behaviour.

People with this placement swing easily from unconditional faith to total revolt. But in any of these situations they show complete commitment. Jupiter in Sagittarius brings a need for change that is deep, but hidden and somehow itchy. Natives with this placement seem to never be at ease, there’s something urging them to go further and further. Some of them may manifest this into frequent trips, while some of them may show a constant impatience in studying new religions or esoteric disciplines, without being satisfied by any of them. They may also be the “job hoppers” unable to settle for more than a year or two in a certain position.

They can get easily hurt, physically speaking, because they somehow tend to ignore the stopping signals of their own bodies. Chronic fatigue, exhaustion or joints problems are very common among them, and they all stem from the same need to constantly go beyond whatever they perceive as limits. On the emotional level, though, they are quite the opposite: their fanaticism makes them hard to hurt. As a matter of fact, they are often the ones who are initiating painful breakups because of their need to experience more on the emotional level. Somehow, they manage to maintain the “friendship level” even if the breakup was a difficult one.

One of the problems that may arise from this placement is fanaticism or uncontrollable behaviour towards a cause, or even a person.