Jupiter In Scorpio


In Scorpio, Jupiter makes for an investigative, somehow exaggerated behaviour.

People with this placement can display a lot of strength and power, but they may also be subject to self-defeating actions. They have a subtle, yet unmistakable social karma. Although they don’t have a noticeable physical display (Jupiter in Scorpio doesn’t give weight problems, usually) they are impossible to miss once they enter a room. They have enormous energy and, if they don’t engage in physical activities, this energy may explode in twisted or exaggerated sexual behavior. This pressure of unused energy sometimes manifests itself in overworking, but then again, there will be no public display of this. Jupiter in Scorpio makes and deals the cards, but he always prefers to be out of the public eye.

Jupiter in Scorpio makes very good detectives, or underground heroes. They’re the type that prefer to hide in the shadows but they never give up control. Usually, their actions are oriented towards a very good cause, and they are consistent contributors to the overall society good. But if other aspects in this chart badly affect this placement, they may become “outlaws”, fighting the status-quo for the sake of fighting the status-quo. They also make very good “second in command” types of people, because they hate to be┬ávisible, but they’re incredibly good at what they’re doing, more often than not simply irreplaceable.

Jupiter in Scorpio gives a very high sense of justice. Natives will always know who’s right or who’s wrong, but, beyond the simple identification of the villain, they will, most likely, engage in the actual pursuit of the doer. If they’re part of the enforcement law, it goes well, but usually they’re not and they take the law in their own hands. Needless to say that this doesn’t end up well.

One of the problems that may arise from this placement is over-indulging in sex, or exaggeration in physical activities.