Jupiter In Taurus


In Taurus, Jupiter makes for a slow, but very solid and attentive approach.

People with this placement are usually experiencing well being on one layer of their life or all. They’re not necessarily rich, but they do have whatever they want, sometimes without even trying too hard. They’re optimistic and have a solid thinking about life, generally speaking.

They’re good friends, reliable and they can tackle big projects over long periods of time. Not especially fond of taking risks, though. If there’s something that can be done without too much involvement, they will choose that way. From outside, they may even seem lazy or not willing to work, but they’re not.

Some of the risks of this placement are over-indulging in home-based activities, attachments for land or properties and a very pronounced tendency to get weight. If they manage to properly integrate these tendencies, they can become pretty good athletes, as Jupiter in Taurus almost guarantees a lot of strength and stamina.