Jupiter In Virgo

In Virgo, Jupiter makes for an analytical, step by step approach.

People with this placement are excellent analysts. They have a tremendous power to tackle complicated tasks and split them down to the smallest details. A preoccupation for minor details and a tendency for micro-managing all aspects of their life may be present. If other aspects in their chart support that, they can have good financial and business skills. Injustice makes them really angry, but they may not be very vocal when they see it. Instead, they’re prefer to walk away when there’s an obvious imbalance in this area.

They’re somehow cold and detached, but when they commit to a certain project or goal, they follow through with great determination. A conflict between the need to take charge and the need to implement with what they consider to be the most accurate approach may emerge, and they may swing back and forth between those two positions. In relationships, they’re shy and rather non-committal. If they do commit, they usually form very structured, almost business-like partnerships.

Some of the risks of this placement are the over-thinking of each and every aspect of life, an exaggerated attention for details and health problem arising from abstinence.