Mars In Aquarius


Mars in Aquarius gives a erratic but strangely creative behavior.

People with this placement are usually very distracted, starting many projects at once and never finishing one. They’re exhaling enthusiasm and they’re very motivational, but they lack the ability to focus on only one thing. For this, their energy is quickly depleted and, although they’re capable of great starts, their finish lines are usually very low.

In business, they’re creative and they find unusual solutions to complicated problems. They’re able to tackle complicated tasks that require a great deal of creative thinking, but not too much focus. they get bored really fast. If you want to have a productive and effective Mars in Aquarius, you should constantly challenge him/her with new tasks or problems to be solved.

As partners, they’re somehow unpredictable, which is often taken as unreliable. They’re actually pretty stable in their commitments, but they have an unusual amount of curiosity that they need to satisfy constantly. From time to time, they may ask for more space, or, even better, take that extra space without asking. In arguments, they’re very creative and they usually win.