Mars In Aries


Mars in Aries gives a powerful and sometimes aggressive behavior.

People with this placement tend to act fiercely, very sudden and more often than not without too much thinking. For them, action in the now, with all the force of the current momentum seems more effective than a thoroughly prepared plan.

They’re energetic and have a magnetizing effect on their close circle of friends, exhibiting a contagious enthusiasm. But, as easy as they are to start something, they’re also very easy to stop. Persistence is not their biggest assert, and, despite their pride and apparent force, they’re relatively easy to bring down with only a few words.

Arguments are likely to be ignited in their surroundings, if only for their constant need of attention and affirmation. Whatever they do, it must be done publicly and generate a lot effects and feedback. Most of the time, they have real difficulties to work in a team, or to integrate in a bigger community, playing the “maverick”.