Mars In Cancer


Mars in Gemini gives a generally nurturing and supportive, but often contrasting behavior.

People with this placement are extremely caring and attentive towards their closest circle of friends, and polite and reserved towards the rest of the world. They’re always ready to help and be there when somebody needs them and are able to go a long way in supporting whatever cause they embrace.

But at times they’re expressing a needy attitude and tend to act like they need protection too, in a way which is very much contrasting with their rather overall audacious approach. The fire of Mars surrender to the watery Cancer and that gives a melting, touchy and hard to grasp combination. Nevertheless, even when  they’re in a moody period, they tend to act constantly towards their goals, even if that means they’ll blame you for their sacrifice later on.

They also have a very powerful intuition and tend to act on gut feelings more than other natives.