Mars In Libra


Mars in Libra gives a sensitive and creative behavior.

People with this placement are socially aware and they make friends easily (although they can’t always keep them in the long run). Most of the time they’re especially good looking, or at least attractive for the opposite sex. Their sexual energy is easily seen and manifested.

In business, they’re creative and work best in a team, although they may exhibit signs of unreliability if there’s too much pressure. They’re suited for physical work and they’re well equipped for that. Their charisma may often stand in their own way, so to speak, as they tend to rely too much on their personal charm instead on the rules.

As partners, they’re easy to hang out with, but may get bored easily. They’re loyal, but do not let them get stuck on a rut, because they can even get ill. They love to express themselves artistically, and whatever they do, they’ll at least try it to do it with grace and in style.