Mars In Pisces


Mars in Pisces gives a compassionate but firm behavior.

People with this placement are usually defendant of the less fortunate, or work in positions related to this area. They have a deep understanding of the suffering and they[re quickly touched by any sign of it. Surprisingly, they do not fear suffering, nor do they back up; instead, they engage most of the time in defending or the weak or in eliminating the cause of the suffering.

In business, they’re sensitive but not too reliable, because their emotions are usually running high. If they do not like a certain situation, they’re able to go away without looking back, which, in business, it’s not always the best solution. They’re also somehow disconnected from the general current, leaving the impression that they live and work in another world.

As partners, they’re challenging. There is a certain charm that makes them almost irresistible, but, at the same time, there is a chronic lack of commitment that will make them “slide” over relationships, which, for someone who already took the plunge, emotionally speaking, may be downright ugly. They do make interesting social activists or public figures involved in saving the world, and, if you can keep your relationship at this idealistic level, you may be fine.