Mars In Scorpio


Mars in Scorpio gives a highly sensual and charismatic behavior.

People with this placement are very in touch with their own sexuality and they show it quite often. They’re charismatic in a physical way, drawing the opposite sex like a moth is attracted to light. They’re also inclined to overdo this, or to become domineering and even obsessed in personal relationships.

In business, they’re hard workers but do not work very well in teams. Despite this little drawback, they’re highly effective at the tasks they’re doing and they’re able to sustain hard work over long periods of time. They’re well suited in areas related to investigation, mystery or whatever is hidden.

As partners, they’re somehow difficult. Mars in domicile is acting a bit arrogant, making them wanting to be right all the time, or at least to make you aware they’re right, when they are. Hopefully, they can even that with the fact that they’re hard to beat in bad. Especially if you’re the type that wants it a little rougher.