Mars In Taurus


Mars in Taurus gives a tenacious and hard working behavior.

People with this placement are very hard at work, being able to exert constant focus and energy over long periods of time. They enjoy comfort and stability, and, under certain circumstance, they can surrender to the Taurean indulging nature, becoming slow or even lazy. But, most of the time, they’ll be just very disciplined and stubborn.

They have a good nose for business, and if they partner, they’ll act honestly and reliably. As a matter of fact, business, or whatever activity can generate wellness and comfort, is their main focus. They are good colleagues and they can keep their stuff under rigid control.

As with any planet in Taurus, there’s a risk of putting on weight, or at least to exhibit a strong and bony constitution. They also may seem really slow to actually do something, but if you really look, you’ll realize they do much more than you’d expect from them.