Mars In Virgo


Mars in Virgo gives a restrictive and self-conscious behavior.

People with this placement are rather shy and contained.Their analytical side is often conflicting with their need to get things done faster, so they look rather undecided. When they get off the ground, they usually very disciplined and task oriented.

In business, they’re workers, or employees. They work best when a leader is in command, as they tend to hesitate a lot as to what course of action should they take. They also have a very high sense of loyalty, but they also expect this in exchange and may act violently if this is not returned.

As partners, they’re slow but dependable. They tend to impose very high standards on themselves and on their partners. The danger here is not to lose contact with reality and lead themselves to self-deception. If they manage to do that, they’re very stable and considered the “pillar” of the relationship.