Mercury In Aquarius


Mercury in Aquarius gives an original and eccentric mind.

The keyword here is novelty. Natives with Mercury in Aquarius are suffering from chronic boredom. Their mind cannot stay still, always looking for new connections, new challenges, sometimes destroying the status quo just for the sake of it. Whatever is new, unusual or out of the ordinary moves them and it moves them fast. They’re capable of juggling dozens of topics in a conversation (or, for what matter, in their ordinary field of preoccupations) very easily. They’re also very good at making connections between areas of mind apparently disjunct.

They have an almost electrical way of connecting with new ideas, new thinking trends or new concepts. It’s like they have some sort of antennae that gets tuned in instantly on new new channels. Mercury in Aquarius gives the”mad inventor”, or the “weird scientist”, the type of curious person that eventually changes the world in some significant way. Even if they’re driven b curiosity, at the bottom of their motivations is always altruism. Although they may seem like the last ones to be altruistic, in fact, they’re very keen on other people needs and they thrive when they’re useful.

They’re having a twisted sense of humor which may make them look almost kinky, but they’re some of the most puritan folks across the zodiac. It’s the unusual that moves their wheels, not the dirty thinking, even if sometimes it takes the form of a perverted connection. They speak their mind with ease and it doesn’t matter if they words are upsetting. Politeness is not their main asset.

Natives with Mercury in Aquarius are often experiencing long periods of calm and apathy after intense sessions of intellectual activity. They’re not withdrawing from the world, they still function as social components, but it’s like they’re asleep. Their antennae are in “closed” position.

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