Mercury In Aries


Mercury in Aries gives an energetic but somehow shallow mind.

The keyword here is audacity. Natives with Mercury in Aries are open, curious but rather unattached, always on the lookout for new challenges. Their mind is like a sponge, sucking in all kind of information, from all kind of sources, but not using it in a structured way. They are the guys always on top of any news, they know (and somehow spot way before their time) popular trends, they can, usually, separate very quickly the garbage from the real information in any information collection.

They speak hastily, more often than not regretting what they said, or, if they don’t express their thoughts out loud, they have a tendency to jump to conclusions without too much real facts checking, although, like I said if you verify them, they have all the facts together. In a conversation they get easily bored and, if you can’t keep the pace with them, you may get dumped very fast.

They have a very good short-term memory, but their long-term memory may be a little difficult to access. There is a constant “buzzyness” coming from natives with Mercury in Aries, sometimes even in the form of physical gestures, uncontrollable small tics, like nail biting, or hair pulling.

Native with Mercury in Aries usually jump from career to career, or to position to position if they maintain the same career over time, not only because they get bored but also because they learn very fast and they feel they don’t give “enough” when it comes to the service to others. In business, generally speaking, they’re better off as consultants, not in a decisional position, because of their impulsivity.

They also tend to alternate sessions of intense mental activities with long pauses, to refill with energy. In order not to get into fights, they need to exert more control than others on their thoughts and words.

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