Mercury In Cancer


Mercury in Cancer gives a shy although very perceptive mind.

The keyword here is hesitation. Natives with Mercury in Cancer are usually very perceptive, their intuition is heightened by the heavy water of Cancer, but the same quality makes them a bit shy about exposing their ideas or opinions. They usually try to conform, although they know deep down they shouldn’t do that just to be accepted. This conformism is geared toward conserving the status-quo, not necessarily toward a set of worldly rules. The first impulse is to resist change and that’s happening both inside, with their mind being always alert and investigating anything with great care before accepting it, as well as outside, where they are usually the ones that are asking the hard questions.

They have a great power to focus on long term mental tasks, but they alternate these highly energetic intervals with borderline-apathy numbness or lack of interest periods. Also, they tend to be really picky, kind of hard to please, which can make them appear nagging or too dependable.

When they do form a set of values, or when they are sure about what there is to be known, they’re usually parental, not necessarily dominating, but protective and nurturing. Their attitude is like “I told you so”, which, again, can make them a bit uncomfortable to live with. On the good side, if you can cope with these small communication shortcomings, native with Mercury in Cancer are greatly enhancing the emotional field of a relationship. It’s like their words know how and where to touch the the other person.

Mercury in Cancer also gives a rather strong artistic talent, not necessarily expressed in imagery, but in words. They can be very good story tellers. Some of them, unaware of this skill, misuse it by creating mental scenarios about pretty much everything.

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