Mercury In Capricorn


Mercury in Capricorn gives an organized and structured mind.

The keyword here is scrupulosity. Natives with Mercury in Capricorn have a tremendous analytical capacity. They can easily see the big picture in everything and they are able to reveal all the links between the involved networks. Speed is not their biggest asset, it may take a while until they figure out everything, but, eventually, they’ll figure it out well.

They’re almost obsessed with productivity, order and logical connections. They can be very good architects, managers or excel in any area which requires the building and managing of large structures. Usually, they can be find in jobs that require the management of large structures or networks, not necessarily on the first spot, because they’re not always good leaders, but somewhere very close to that.

Their apparent coldness is stemming from their addictions to facts. But, as opposed to Mercury in Scorpio, which digs deep to uncover hidden facts, Mercury in Capricorn tends to look at things from above, to integrate them in complex, multi-level, structured schemes. When they talk about something, they have a tendency to “never finish”, to go deeper and deeper on the topic, sometimes to the point of becoming irrelevant.

Mercury in Capricorn may give political and negotiation skills, but, if other facts in the chart aren’t supporting this aspect, these skills may only make them look boring in their day to day life. It’s one thing to apply these skills on the large networks they’re supposed to supervise, but a completely different one to put it to work on the day to day life, when family and friends are involved.

If badly aspected, Mercury in Capricorn may give the tendency to micromanage and to always be in control. If positively aspected, it may support the native with good judgement even in the most chaotic times of their lives.

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