Mercury In Gemini


Mercury in Gemini gives a sparkling and joyful mind.

The keyword here is intelligence. Mercury is in its domicile (or “home”) in Gemini, which makes it feel comfortable, expressing its qualities at their best. Expect from natives with Mercury in Gemini humor, language learning skills, artistic abilities related to writing and a general conviviality which makes them very well received in social circles.

They’re very adaptable, and they can adjust to pretty much every social environment on the planet. This adaptability may create an appearance of security and certainty but try not to be fooled: natives with Mercury in Gemini can understand both sides of a situation just as easy, so they may switch position at any moment. They do it in such a way, though, that you may be convinced that this is the right way of doing things, even if we didn’t think so five minutes ago.

There is also a bit of superficiality related to their thinking, some sort of shallowness that floats around, but somehow, their “on the spot” intelligence and sense of adaptability usually makes up for it. They may be shallow at times, but they can be also open about it and compensate in some other way, of need will be.

They’re very good pals, although a bit volatiles in tastes and in the way they present themselves to the world. They alternate long periods of total involvement and complete withdrawal with ease. If they sense too much of a pressure to “deliver”, they may step back. Confinement, both in relationships and in thinking, it’s something that they deeply displease. Defining themselves as “free spirits” they’re have a hard time fixating onto something, being it a career, or a surrounding (a home).

They’re very fast learner and also have an unusual speed of thinking. Some of them may be quite perfectionists.

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